Ott Kiivikas IFBB's successful athletes

FEATURED ATHLETE: Ott Kiivikas – One of IFBB’s most successful athletes.

Ott Kiivikas is a name that will be edged in the history of the IFBB.

Ott Kiivikas has been competing since 1993 when he was just 16 and he has become one of IFBB’s most successful and consistent bodybuilders in modern times.

He was born on 10 September, 1977 and he currently lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

Every time Ott steps on the stage, you can expect he will place in the top five constantly.

He is always in the best shape all year, making it very easy to compete on a consistent basis.

A very interesting fact is also that Ott is registered in the ADAMS (Anti-Doping Administration Management System) governed by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) since 2001.

Ott has been drug tested over 40 times, giving blood and urine samples and when he won the 2018 IFBB World Ranking, he did six doping tests.

What is very special about Ott is that he is always happy to compete and is a sportsman when it comes to his placing. He is a true example of how an athlete should behave and enjoy the sport.

Regarding his contests history, here are some interesting facts:

Ott Kiivikas has accumulated over 250 trophies and over 250 medals during his competitive career.

The bodybuilding world has been fascinated with trophy rooms such as 4X Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, but Ott has built an incredible museum dedicated to his bodybuilding accomplishments as well.

During these victories, Ott could have turned pro on a number of occasions, but he decided to continue to compete at a amateur level and win more prestigious titles.

Number of amateur contests: approximately 179.

Approximately 70 victories and 120 podium finishes.

Best achiements:
20 time IFBB Estonian Overall Champion 1999-2018.
14 time time IFBB Estonian Cup overall winner.
3 time IFBB Nordic Championships overall winner.
7 medals from IFBB European Championships and winning in 2016.
IFBB World Cup winner 2011
IFBB World Games silver medal 2009
Amateur Olympia winner 2016
Arnold Classic runner up 2016 and 2018
2018 IFBB World Ranking winner