NPC Worldwide 2020 registration

Over 800 competitors awarded Pro Cards by the NPC in 2020.

The NPC and NPC Worldwide were very busy in the 2020 season with their amateur contests.

The 2020 competition season has just ended with just over 800 IFBB Professional Cards awarded to the top amateurs.

Compared to previous, the numbers are slightly down compared to the 900-1000 handed out in previous years.

The Covid-19 crisis was one of the reasons the numbers were down slightly.

Regardless of all the negative events happening all over the world, the number of IFBB Pro Cards handed out to the top athletes is still a substantial number.

The amateur athletes that have just been awarded their pro status must understand, technically, they are not pro athletes until they compete at a pro competition.

The reality of all this is that from the 800 pro cards awarded in 2020, only a handful will actually compete in the pro circuit.

Gone are the days of one or two pro cards being won per year.

While many new pro athletes are quick to change their social media status to ‘IFBB Pro’, the true test is if they will every step on an IFBB Professional stage, competing against the best in the world.

The full list of 2020 Pro card winners can be viewed HERE.