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2013 IFBB Men’s World Championships

67th IFBB Men's World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships and International Congress 3rd to 8th November 2013 Marrakech, Morocco   Photos Weigh in Prejudging Finals  

Featured Athletes

This section is dedicated to athletes in the fitness world that are leaders in what they do. They don't need to be world champions...

The reason Phil Heath is Mr. Olympia

By Kevin Grech In the past few weeks since the Mr. Olympia or we can even say since last year, the big debate to day...

IFBB Bikini Fitness Pro’s

Listing according to placing at the 2013 Olympia Weekend Ashley Kaltwasser Yeshaira Robles Stacey Alexander Nathalia Melo India Paulino Amanda Latona Courtney King Justine Munro Lacey Deluca Tiffany Marie Boydston Tawna Eubanks Gigi Amurao Ashley LeBlanc Candice Conroy Jennifer...

2013 Olympia Weekend archives

2013 Olympia Weekend news archive 2013 Mr Olympia qualified athletes 2013 Olympia Weekend scorecards 2013 Olympia Weekend video replays

Will Cutler retire?

By Kevin Grech The 2013 Olympia weekend is over and I must say it was a fantastic event. The one question I have is what is...

Phil Heath wins the 2013 IFBB Mr. Olympia

By Kevin Grech Phil Heath won his third Mr. Olympia title on Saturday evening in what would be one the greatest Mr. Olympia competitions in...


James 'Flex' Lewis Kevin English Mark Dugdale Troy Alves More updates to be added soon!!

IFBB results

Mr. Olympia Masters Olympia 212 Showdown Ms. Olympia Arnold Classic Ms. International

The 2013 Mr Olympia qualified athletes

mrolympia.com Phil Heath Jay Cutler Kai Greene Roelly Winklaar Dennis Wolf Branch Warren Victor Martinez Cedric McMillan Shawn Rhoeden Robert Piotrkowicz - out due to triceps injury Elssbiay Mamdouh Evan Centopani Dexter Jackson Brandon Curray          

Most Popular

2020 New York Pro moves to Florida due to Covid-19 restrictions

2020 New York Pro moves to Florida due to Covid-19 restrictions. Yes, this is correct, the New York Pro is being moved to Florida because...

Milos Sarcev returns to Serbia – Trains at the gym that launched his career

Milos Sarcev returns to Serbia - Trains at the gym that launched his career. Bodybuilding Milos Sarcev returned to his homeland in Serbia to visit...

2020 IFBB European Championships – Covid-19 Safety Protocols

2020 IFBB European Championships - Covid-19 Safety Protocols. The bodybuilding and fitness industry has had to adapt to very strict safety protocols due to the...


In this journalist’s opinion, Arnold remains bodybuilding’s greatest success story; it is a title that is often freely and accurately bestowed upon him, one...
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