600 athletes register

Over 600 athletes register for the 2018 IFBB Panatta World Cup.

Week after week the IFBB does not stop growing. Over 600 competitors from all over the world made the trip to Italy to compete in the 2018 IFBB Panatta World Cup.

The competition is being held in Rimini, 1-3 June 2018.

The event is organzied under the watchful eye of Mr. Benedetto Mondello, president of the IFBB Italian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation.

During this event there will be two events, a national and international event which has 14 IFBB Elite Pro cards up for grabs.

The Running Order for the International Panatta World Cup (Saturday; 2 June 2018) will be as follows:

Opening: 3pm

1) Classic Bodybuilding (-175 cm & +175 cm)
2) Junior Bodybuilding
3) Master Bodybuilding
4) Bodybuilding (-80 kg & +80 kg)

Photo: IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja with Mr. Benedetto Mondello, at the Panatta World Cup, in Rimini (Italy).