Patrick Moore responds King Kamali's

WATCH: Patrick Moore responds to King Kamali’s comments.

With the world in chaos in regards to the coronavirus threat, you can be sure to find drama in the bodybuilding world.

The latest battle of words is between rising star Patrick Moore and retired pro bodybuilder King Kamali.

King Kamali gave his review of the 2020 Arnold Classic on Generation Iron’s official Youtube page.

When it came to Patrick Moore, Kamali suggested Patrick loose some weight and move over to the Classic Physique division.

Kamali’s comments did not go down so well with Patrick and he immediately responded to him on his official Instagram page.

Patrick responded to Kamali by saying that he does not deserve a microphone with the comments he made.

Losing 31lbs of stage wait to move over to the Classic Physique division is literally impossible for Patrick and he made sure he sent the message to Kamali.

Patrick made sure everybody understood that he does not give up or run away from a challenge.

King Kamali’s criticism of Patrick Moore 

Patrick Moore’s response