Patrick Moore trains Phil Heath Arnold Classic

WATCH: Patrick Moore trains with Phil Heath weeks before Arnold Classic.

Patrick Moore is one of the fastest rising starts in the Pro League.

The young bodybuilder has the potential to dominate the sport in the very near future.

After turning pro in 2017, Patrick started his pro career in 2018.

He placed eighth at he 2018 California Pro and 13th at the New York Pro.

2019 would be the year Patrick made his mark. He qualified for the 2019 Mr. Olympia by winning the California Pro and he placed a very respectable 10th at his first Mr. Olympia.

7X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath and Patrick both have been sharing footage on their social media of the two training together.

With Phil Heath on his side, Patrick can only get better by learning from one of the best bodybuilders to ever grace the stage.

In this video, Phil Heath and Patrick Moore train arms together.

Patrick is already looking like he is on the right path to impress at the 2020 Arnold Classic, while Phil Heath also looks incredible.

Many questions still have to be answered if Phil will compete at the 2020 Mr. Olympia.