Pay View bodybuilding events

Pay Per View – The new era for bodybuilding events.

The show promoters that organize bodybuilding and fitness events are always trying to find ways to attract for fans and organize better events.

The Covid-19 crisis has devastated the sport of bodybuilding and especially made it very difficult for events to take place.

Government restrictions have forced promoters to either cancel or postpone events to another date.

The events that have managed to survive the Covid-19 threat have to know follow strict government protocols for the event to take place. Social distancing and wearing face masks are the two main protocols that have to be enforced.

Just a few days before two main NPC/Pro League events take place, a new trend in the form of Pay Per View (PPV) seems to be taking place.

The Tampa Pro and the Dexter Jackson Classic promoters have published posts on their social media pages promoting PPV at the last minute before their events take place.

The Dexter Jackson Classic will cost $19.95 and to view the Tampa Pro from the comfort of your home will cost $29.99 for the main events and $44.99 for the entire two days.

Some criticized the prices for these events as they are not the top events in the NPC/Pro League calendar.

Paying $50.00 for the Olympia Weekend or the Arnold Classic USA would make more sense as the best in the world will be competing at these events.

Is it really worth it to pay a one day pass worth $29.99 to watch a subpar Tampa Pro pro bodybuilding event? Some of the best athletes in the world cannot travel to this event because of the Covid-19 crisis.

If these new PPV options were made available the minute these shows were starting to get promoted, it would not look so bad, but just a day or a week before a event takes place gives the fan a different impression.

Covid-19 has certainly cut down ticket sales for the event which made promoters panic and try to create new ways to bring in more money.

Can the NPC/Pro League create a PPV package for the entire year? They can have two options, they can charge a fee for all amateur and Olympia qualifiers and another package including every show on the calendar including the top-tier events.

Every fan in the bodybuilding and fitness world would love for the option of PPV be available for every event, but it has to be done in organized and affordable manner.

The decision to use PPV cannot be a last minute decision to try to bring in more money.

Another problem that the promoters will have to tackle is the fans, coaches and athletes live streaming on their own social media with mobile phones.

This is a trend at major events with numerous people giving their own commentary on shows and also family streaming their loved ones competing.

Security will surely have a busy time running around telling people to put their mobile away.

Imagine this scenario, a sponsor gives a substantial amount of money for the show to take place and he pulls out his or her mobile to stream the event. Will the promoter give the order to make them stop streaming the event?

With Covid-19 pushing promoters to start incorporating PPV, the NPC/Pro League have to start organizing this new trend and establishing a price for every event.

Tim Gardner’s post promoting Pay Per View

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