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PCA accuses the NPC of spreading false information.

We are used to reading news about the IFBB vs NPC or the IFBB Elite Pro vs Pro League, but it seems another federation is taking a stand against the NPC.

PCA (Professional Culture Association) USA Director and former IFBB Professional athlete, Ian Harrison published a message aimed at the NPC on his personal Facebook page. The message was set to public so anybody that logs on to his page can read it.

Ian Harrison is accusing the NPC of spreading false information in regards to their athletes competing with the PCA and trying to return back.

Within the PCA, athletes are awarded prize money when placing in the top places.

Ian Harrison is accusing the NPC of informing its athletes that if they are awarded prize money with the PCA, they are not eligible to compete as an amateur within the NPC as amateur athletes are not eligible to receive prize money.

Harrison also made it a point to say in his message that the NPC diehards are scared that things are changing in the USA and the PCA is gaining popularity.

Below is the message in full:

There is a apparently a misconception still being thrown around that if you compete with the PCA and win money then you are no longer eligible to compete with the NPC as an amateur.


We have had many athletes compete with us last year at PCA USA shows ( also winning considerable prize money ) and at the PCA World Championships who have gone on to compete with the NPC with no detriment .

Some athletes that competed are now IFBB pros so I don’t think it hurt their career .

Rumors and false information will be spread by people who fear change and oppose it .

If you want facts contact me directly don’t listen to the brainwashed NPC die hards who simply can’t accept that things are changing and there’s another feederation in the USA that’s legitimate and offering athletes many things they aren’t being offered now.

You can compete in both federations , don’t let anyone tell you otherwise .#PCAARMY #PCAUSA – Ian Harrison

It will be interesting to hear the reply of the NPC through their representatives in relation to these comments.

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