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International Bodybuilding & Physique Association PCA Will Select First-Ever USA Pros in 2019.

The first-ever PCA USA Pros will be selected at the 2019 USA Finals. PCA USA Pros will join the elite ranks of bodybuilding and physique pros from 40 other PCA countries. 

In 2019, the first PCA USA Pros will earn their titles at the USA Finals. PCA USA qualifying shows throughout the United States will be leading up to this historic event, which will take place on October 6th in Lakeland, Florida. PCA Pro status will be awarded to the overall men’s and overall women’s winners. Athletes that compete in the USA Finals and display the highest standard of physique may also earn the title of PCA Pro.

Currently, PCA USA state qualifiers are announced in Tennessee, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and New Mexico. Top athletes will earn invitations to the USA Finals, as well as the opportunity to become a part of the preeminent Team PCA USA.

Upcoming Qualifying Events:

    • March 17: Midwest Championships, Illinois
    • April 7: Titan Classic, Florida
    • April 14: Georgia Muscle, Georgia
    • June 15: Southeast Open, Alabama
    • July 7: Miami Muscle, Florida
    • July 27: Duke City Classic, New Mexico
    • August 11: Mid Florida Classic, Florida
    • August 31: Heart of America, Illinois
    • September TBA: Muscle City Open, Tennessee
    • October 6: USA Finals, Florida

PCA USA is nationally overseen by executives Ian Harrison and Kevin Taylor. Ian Harrison was a former professional bodybuilder, wrestler and held the title of Mr. Universe. Kevin Taylor is a financial executive and a former bodybuilding competitor, bringing over a decade of focused leadership in process improvements, operational excellence and member satisfaction to PCA USA.

In its second year in the USA, PCA continues to make improvements that benefit the bodybuilding and physique community. One of the biggest developments for 2019 is that men’s bodybuilding will be broken down by height, not weight. It has been proven at an international level that similar heights on stage allow for more objective comparisons when comparing physiques.

“PCA continues to be a game changer in the United States,” said PCA USA executive Ian Harrison. “Last year we launched the USA division of PCA, introduced the through-show concept, and built a team to compete in the World Championships in Birmingham, England. For 2019, we announced new class options, a better way of comparing bodybuilders in the Mister Class, and will be selecting the first-ever PCA USA Pros. It’s an exciting time for bodybuilding and physique athletes.”

PCA, the world-class international bodybuilding and physique association, is well-known for providing athletes with an improved and exceptional competitive experience.  As part of PCA USA’s athlete-centric approach, competitors are supported throughout their training, have a variety of class choices when competing, and are assessed using clearly defined criteria for body condition, posing, and stage presence by a trained and fair judging panel during competitions.

Men’s events include bodybuilding, classic bodybuilding, masters, juniors, and disAbled bodybuilding, muscle model, and physique.

Women’s events include toned and trained bikini, toned, trained and athletic figure, masters and juniors classes, and disAbled bodybuilding.

Interested athletes can register at https://www.officialpcausa.com/upcoming-events