IFBB Pro PD Devers passes away.

We start the week with some sad news.

We have just heard the news that IFBB Pro PD Devers has passed away.

In 2014 just a few months after his guest posing routine at a NPC show, PD Devers suffered a major heart attack and a stroke.

PD Devers sister is a multiple Olympic gold medal winner as well.

A man that never quits, it took 19 years for PD Dever to win his IFBB Pro card. He finally won it in 2010 after working with Chris Aceto.

No other news related to the cause of death has been revealed.

Lonnie Teper had this to say about PD Dever immediately after his death:

That old adage that says bad things come in three’s reared its ugly head this week. First, the shocking death of Mandy Blank on Monday. Then the senseless, tragic murder of 19-year-old Noah Finnegan at a Halloween party mid-week. 
Now the news that PD Devers passed away on Saturday. I have no further details on his death, but I do know he didn’t look well when he guest posed for me at the 2014 NPC West Coast Classic. I was very concerned but he said he was fine.
Less than four months after the appearance, Devers suffered a stroke and massive heart attack.
I tried several times to get in touch with him, or somebody close to him, to find out how he was doing, but couldn’t connect with anyone.
So, I don’t know how long his original hospital stay was, what type of rehab work was done, if he could walk, or talk, etc.
I will not speculate on how this very nice man died…he was always a gentleman, and was a helluva bodybuilder. Great genetics…..sister Gail is a multiple Olympic Games track and field Gold Medalist for those who didn’t know that.
I’m not sure he ever recovered from the 2014 stroke and heart issues, but regardless of the circumstances, the industry has lost yet another good human being. I’m not sure of his age at the time of death but I think PD was in early to mid 50s.
PD Devers, R.I.P.

Our condolences go out to PD Devers family and friends.