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Phil ‘The Gift’ Heath has parted ways with Gifted Nutrition. Flex Online revealed this news after publishing an exclusive interview with the reigning Mr. Olympia.

Heath started this company using his nickname hoping to make it one of the best supplement companies on the market.

It looked to be a sure thing. The reigning Mr. Olympia promoting his own brand of supplements.

But it was not to be.

Phil gave a very detailed explanation of what was happening behind his back: “Basically, I learned that the company finances had been mismanaged—by others who were in charge of day-to-day operations. Some people will say, ‘Hey, you were the President of GN for the last year—weren’t you also in charge of operations?’ But my role in the company, the job I performed by giving 100% effort toward the goal of growing Gifted, was making worldwide public appearances in support of GN, promoting GN products on multiple platforms—spreading the word wherever and whenever I could—and winning Mr. Olympia.”

“While I was out doing that job, there were others tasked with carrying out day-to-day financial operations, but they let me down. They let GN down. Sure, there were growing pains early on—for example, there was a manufacturer who falsely claimed they had FDA approval, and then we had to change manufacturers, which meant GN absorbed a huge loss. But finally, when there were signs of internal wrongdoing, conduct I couldn’t condone, it started to seem like there was no light at the end of the tunnel.”

On the outside it looked as Phil’s project would not crumble, but he also ended up going down the same path as many other companies. Arnold Schwarzenegger parted ways with the brand using his name. Dexter Jackson recently left his company Blade Nutrition and immediately was signed by Ultimate Nutrition and now Phil has parted ways with his.

Will Gifted Nutrition continue? that is a question that still has to be answered. According to Phil, they are still available.

Dexter’s former brand Blade Nutrition is still on the market.

The minute Dexter started to concentrate on bodybuilding rather than his own company, his results on the stage started to improve. So much that he almost won the Mr. Olympia for the second time in 2015.

With this out of the way, Phil will surely have more energy to put into defending his Olympia title. In the long run it was probably the best for this to happen. In fact, Phil is now owed money by Gifted Nutrition.

What will happen to all of Gifted Nutrition’s athletes? That is a question that still has to be answered as well.

There is another competitor promoting his own brand, and that is Kai Greene. Kai has launched the brand called Dynamik Muscle. This was all good, but when this came to be, Kai never stepped on the Olympia stage again. Kai surely believes putting his energy into his own brand is much more important than a Olympia title.

Levrone and Ronnie Coleman have their own brands as well. Levrone Signature Series and the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. Both of these athletes have retired (Levrone is making a one time comeback) giving them the time to concentrate on their brand by touring the world to push it. Levrone is making a comeback to the Olympia stage in 2016, but this is the last time according to Levrone . In fact it should boost his brand with all the hype at the moment.

Athletes that are still active, especially bodybuilders should not start companies that put a heavy burden on them financially and mentally. The sport of bodybuilding does not have the millions coming in as other sport disciplines and it would be more wise that a competitor gets paid to promote a product.

It is already almost a impossible task to handle the training and diet. It is probably not easy to handle business especially when s competitor is preparing for a competition such as the Olympia.

We are not saying that a person should not open his own company, but with the heavy stress bodybuilding has, it would be ideal when the athlete retires. This way he can use his image as a selling point without worrying about any competitions.


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