phil heath attacked june 20154X Mr Olympia Phil Heath can’t seem to get a break from the negative comments on the fans.

If you have not been following the story in recent weeks, Phil Heath went against certain comments from Arnold Schwarzenegger on what he thinks is the ideal bodybuilder.

Phil Heath was posting his usual promo to sell some of his products when all of a sudden 90% of the comments were photos posted of Arnold with circles indicating his perfect mid-section opposed to horrible photos of Phil Heath.

For a bodybuilder that thrives on marketing, Phil Heath must be keeping an eye on all this negativity.

When was the last time we heard or seen so much negativity towards a Mr. Olympia winner??

Phil Heath has every right to express his opinion on a subject or athlete… but it seems he picked the worst person to express his opinion on.

From this scenario, we all have learned that Arnold is still a huge name in the sport and his legendary status is bullet proof. If you want to destroy your career… just talk negatively about him.

If Phil Heath was just an average bodybuilder, most probably his career would be finished.

It will be a while before Phil Heath can get out of this situation. The only way he can redeem himself is come to the 2015 Mr. Olympia with a perfect and aesthetic physique.

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heath attacked june 2015