phil heath interview

WATCH: Phil Heath talks about career and 2018 Olympia with Ron Harris.

Phil Heath interviewed by Ron Harris on Muscular Development!! Yes, this is not a joke.

Phil Heath, the man that could not talk to any other bodybuilding media outlet because of his strict contract with AMI has been given some slack.

According to sources close to, Phil Heath is no longer under contract with AMI. This industry suffers with the champions not being able to talk to any other news outlets. Nothing is good with being tied down to one company. It might be good for the athlete financially, but not for the sport in general.

Literally, this is the best interview that Phil Heath has done in recent times.

Phil talks about how hard it has been not being able to talk nobody else other than AMI. He admitted that sometimes it is not a good thing and it causes tension between some of the most powerful people in the industry.

Some great subjects are discussed in this interview such as his beginnings, career, contest prep and of course his goal to winning his eight Olympia title.

Well done to Ron Harris and his team for this great interview.