scathing comments against npc

Photographer’s scathing comments against the Manion’s and the NPC. has be been covering bodybuilding and fitness for over six years.

This website gives space to any federation and has no obligation to stick to one federation as many other media outlets do, especially in the USA.

It is obvious, the main federations that are covered more than others are the IFBB, IFBB Elite Pro and the NPC/Pro League or we can say NPC Worldwide. Federations such as NABBA, PCA, GBO and others are always welcome work with us and they always accepted our invitation.

A few months after the split between the IFBB and  NPC/Pro League, came under heavy criticism by the devoted NPC photographer John Hawley.

After the split, the situation between the IFBB and NPC/Pro League was very sensitive and this website took a stand to reveal the truth without any distractions from any federation.

We came under heavy criticism from many, especially from the side of the NPC/Pro League. The main two being John Hawley and Bob Cicherillo. But there is a big difference between these two people and we will explain why.

John Hawley was one of he most devoted contributors to the Muscular Development forum back then. When the owner of this website (Kevin Grech) decided to post some comments regarding the split, the website’s owner was criticized heavily by John and Bob Cicherillo as well.

Funnily, we thank both John and Bob for this as because of their continuous attacks, some of the most powerful people in the bodybuilding and fitness industry personally contacted this website to give us their support. Both from the IFBB and the NPC/Pro League.

Getting back to John and Bob, the situation continued to get worse regarding comments against the sites owner.

We enjoy debating with Bob Cicherillo. He is a person that truly loves the sport and his dedication cannot be denied. As pro cards are being awarded like candy, Bob is probably one of the only athletes that knows what it really meant to earn a pro card when a pro card had value.

The difference between Bob and John Hawley is that Bob does not go from one side or the other, we believe he truly believes in his brand, which is the NPC/Pro League and his new company 2BrosPro.

This website has been one of Bob’s harshest critics, but we still end up having conversations with him on social media and privately.

Bob does play hard, but he has a limit.

Now, John Hawley is a totally different story. He tried to get this websites owner fired from his full time job at the newspaper he was employed with at the time. Hawley continuously sent emails to the editor thinking he would get the owner of this website fired, but that failed miserably.

Hawley did not stop there, he also sent emails to various Olympic committees all over the world trying to make this website look bad because we promote the IFBB, the same federation that is working with various Olympic committees. This also failed miserably as we did not receive one email in response to the emails he sent.

Hawley also tried to expose this sites owners personal life all over the Muscular Development’s forum, but even they thought he was taking this too far.

As we said before, all his attacks against this website was noticed by the same people we are very close with today, thanks to him.

Back then John Hawley was one of the most loyal supporters of the NPC/Pro League. But this has changed drastically now.

John Hawley not only started to support other federations, but he is sharing articles published by this website on his social media and as well he is now offering his photographic services to other federations.

John used to continuously brag about how he used to be at Jim Manion’s NPC headquarters in Pittsburgh. But this is all in the past now.

Hawley has exposed a number of controversial issues about the NPC/Pro League and as well a number of scathing personal attacks against Jim Manion, his son J.M. Manion and his grandson Tyler Manion.

From corruption to accusing J.M. Manion being involved in the porn industry, it is all on John Hawley’s social media for everybody to see.

What this man has done to this website’s owner he is now doing to the NPC/Pro League, Bob Cicherillo, Jim Manion and his family.

This website has published a number of controversial stories, but the difference between this website and Hawley is that we present evidence to back our stories and John does not back his comments with proof.

Saying that J.M. Manion has “NPC approved porn sites” is a very controversial accusation. As well Hawley also suggests that J.M. Manion influences his son Tyler Manion when he is a head judge when it comes to results.

Bob Cicherillo is also criticized heavily by Hawley. The two are continuously arguing on social media.

Hawley is now promoting the new affiliate to the IFBB in the USA. Almost every press release by IFBB Physique America is shared on Hawley’s social media and website.

Could it be that Hawley lost his place with the NPC and wanted to get revenge?

Whatever his problem is, we thank him again. His negativity towards us totally worked in our favor.

We have went from strength to strength thanks to John Hawley and we thank him again.

Below we took screenshots of some of a number of posts from John Hawley. These all show all his controversial attacks against the NPC/Pro League, the Manion’s and Bob Cicherillo. As well they show his swing from being a loyal NPC supporter to supporting all federations.