PHOTOS & RESULTS: China dominates first day at 2018 IFBB Asian Championships.

With 7 Gold Medals up for grabs during Friday’s session, China dominated at the Asian Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships that are being held in Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia), until Saturday 28th April.

The winners were, as follows:

Men’s Fitness (Junior): Yang Wenjie (China)

Men’s Fitness: Cai Lu Lu (China)

Bodybuilding Junior (-75 kg): D. Prathab (India)

Bodybuilding Junior (+75 kg): Abdelrahman Alharti (UAE)

Men’s Physique (Junior): Sulaiman S. Khalfan (Oman)

Women’s Fitness (Junior): Battulga Munkhzul (Mongolia)

Women’s Fitness: Chen Shuying (China)

Women’s Physique: Megumi Sawada (Japan)

Bodyfitness (Junior): Wan Jiaqian (China)

Bodyfitness Short (-163 cm): Zhou Yanfend (China)

Bodyfitness Tall (+163 cm): Yekaterina Pavlovskaya (Kazakhstan)

Bikini (Junior): Teng Yu (China)

Bikini Short (-163 cm): Liu Ying (China)

Overall Bodyfitness: Yekaterina Pavlovskaya (Kazakhstan)

Overall Bikini: Yekaterina Shalamova (Kazakhstan)

Overall Bodybuilding Junior: Abdelrahman Alharti (UAE)