Former pro bodybuilder and coach Pit Trenz passes away.

With bodybuilding and fitness flourishing all over the world, there is always that moment in time when some horrible news shocks every bodybuilding and fitness fan.

It is a very difficult decision to publish such articles as it is a very sensitive matter. There are two sides of the story. We want to pay respects to the athlete and at the same time respect their privacy.

The sudden passing of Pit Trenz has shocked the bodybuilding and fitness world.

Pit was battling various illnesses and dies at the fairly young age of 53.

Pit Trenz dedicated his life to bodybuilding and fitness. He was the former trainer of IFBB superstars Dennis Wolf and Markus Rhul.

The wife of Pit made this news official by posting a message on Pit’s official Instagram page.

A translation of the message is below:

“My husband, my heart, the best person I have ever met … is in heaven tonight.

We always managed everything together and could rely on each other blindly.
We did not win this heavy fight over 4 long weeks.

Pit was a fighter and did a lot of the impossible. But like here he has never fought. He gave everything to the utmost. I’m so proud of him!

My husband was a great coach, too often exploited.
But he was a much better man. Everything I never dared dream.

We were never afraid to die, only to lose ourselves.
Pit always said we are human.
I do not know how it should go only one more day.
I’ll keep going – just for pit. It was his express wish to go through what we had in mind.”

According to reports from various website, Pit had various health complications. He had a heart condition that was made worse with pneumonia.

With the complications related to pneumonia is lungs collapsed and Pit passed away on 3 November, 2019.

We at send our condolences to Pit’s family and friends in this difficult time.



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Mein Mann , mein Herz, der beste Mensch, dem ich je begegnet bin…ist heute Nacht in den Himmel. Wir haben immer alles zusammen geschafft und konnten uns blind aufeinander verlassen. Diesen schweren Kampf über 4 lange Wochen haben wir nicht gewonnen. Pit war ein Kämpfer und hat vieles Unmögliche geschafft. Doch wie hier hat er noch nie gekämpft. Er hat bis aufs äußerste alles gegeben. Ich bin so stolz auf ihn! Mein Mann war ein großartiger Trainer, wurde viel zu oft ausgenutzt. Aber er war ein noch viel bessere Mann und Mensch. Alles was ich nie zu träumen gewagt hätte. Wir haben nie Angst gehabt zu sterben, nur uns zu verlieren. Pit hat immer gesagt wir sind ein Mensch. Ich weiß nicht wie es nur einen Tag weiter gehen soll. Ich werde weiter machen- nur für Pit. Es war sein ausdrücklicher Wunsch durchzuziehen, was wir vor hatten.

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