Broser 1 newEfficiently attack every facet of muscle hypertrophy with different workouts each week so you grow like never before…

  • POWER Week: heavy-iron, lower-rep workouts that zero in on the type 2A and 2B muscle fibers fast. You get incredible strength stimulation with high-threshold fiber activation.


  • REP RANGE Week: smart-bomb workouts that directly target the intermediary fibers by running the rep table–lower reps to higher reps produce skin-stretching pumps and supersaturation to lay down another layer of mass.


  • SHOCK Week: blast-furnace workouts that incorporate high-intensity tactics so your muscles have no choice but to grow to survive the onslaught; your muscle fibers expand and your anabolic hormones surge!

The tri-phase mass-building system is fully explained with a printable template for every workout–12 in all.


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