prague team amateur olympia 2014Prague, Czech Republic, 24th April 2014 – In the complementary program of Olympia Amateur Europe will be included besides the exhibition Fitness EXPO also international Prague Team Battle, the first annual of mixed quads race.The largest international competition of its kind in Central Europe will mainly attracts crossfit’s fans.
“I am very glad that Olympia attracts also the organizers of the complementary program. Prague Team Battle excellent complements already rich content of whole weekend,”says Robert Speychal, executive director of the organizer of Olympia Amateur Europe, Sport Holding Prague.
Race of crossfit type Prague Team Battle will take place right in front of Tipsport arena, where expands also Fitness EXPO. Visitors of Olympia will have the opportunity to watch a thrilling struggle of up to 60 mixed teams in different disciplines combining athletics, gymnastics and weightlifting.
Organization of Prague Team Battle is in charge of the company FIT -PRO CZECH, importer and distributor of sports supplements. This company also takes care of the all-day service for competitors. Sports equipment will be prepared by BEAR FOOT, which made equipment to measure. Attraction is not only prize money 20,000 crowns but also quality service.
“For arriving athletes will be prepared great conditions which I hope they enjoy. After arrival, each team will receive a starting package with textiles, souvenirs and other. The main thing should be service during the day. Thanks to our partners we could afford to equip a regeneration zone,” says one of the event organizers Josef Ulrich.
The regeneration zone will be available for participants of Prague Team Battle whole day, there will be masseurs, physiotherapists, fruit bar, supplements or tubs with ice. At the same time, all the competitors will have free access to
Olympia itself. On the website will also take place online streaming of the race. You can find there a registration form and full details of Prague Team Battle.