By Matt Samansky

Supplement Industry Update:

Premier Pharmaceutical is fast becoming the supplement industry’s hottest new brand by focusing on significantly improved delivery and absorption rates, a concern largely ignored by more traditional supplement brands.

For years, supplement companies have grown dependent on standard capsules and powders, both of which must survive a trip down the entire gastrointestinal tract, a journey that includes the stomach, the intestines, and then off to the liver for more filtering. Research suggests that we might be lucky to absorb 10% of the overall ingredients by the time the digestive process is completed, resulting in minimal effect and a lot of money flushed down the toilet.

Founded by pharmaceutical industry veteran Jeff Olynyk, Premier Pharmaceutical has taken a different approach by turning to a sublingual delivery system (under the tongue), bypassing the digestive process, delivering key ingredients directly to the bloodstream. To explain further, when placed under the tongue, the liquid diffuses through the mucous membranes, boarding the capillaries located beneath the tongue, creating a direct route into the bloodstream. The sublingual delivery process can improve absorption rates to as high as 91% while giving way to greater potency, efficacy and delivery speeds.

Premier’s line of sublinguals currently includes an Estrogen Blocker, formulated to eradicate, decrease and in some cases even stop the synthesis of Estrogen, while simultaneously increasing and supporting maximum testosterone levels.  Additionally, the company’s sublingual Glyco Manager allows carbohydrates from starchy foods to pass through the body, helping to shuttle nutrients into the muscle cells, staying away from the fat cells, while supporting healthy insulin function and enhanced metabolism.

The latest offering by Premier is their sublingual BCAA product, a potential game changer in post-workout supplementation. An ultra-concentrated Branched Chain Amino Acid delivered in a convenient, high absorption way to address the all-important post-workout BCAA recovery needs. A full dropper under the tongue after a workout does the trick.

Premier Pharmaceutical is fast becoming a favorite of some of the world’s elite athletes, including IFBB professional bodybuilder Stan McQuay. “I used the Premier sublinguals as a central part of my preparation for the Mr. Olympia Classic Physique competition. When it comes to supplementation, absorption is so important. Don’t be fooled by hyped up products. The digestion process creates so many challenges. It’s amazing how the body responds when nutrients are properly absorbed.”

While supplement companies continue to replicate each other’s products, the folks at Premier Pharmaceutical are setting themselves apart by avoiding the temptation of “gimmicky” ingredients and flashy packaging. Their focus is on maximum absorption of key, proven ingredients. It’s a simple approach, and one that is quickly getting the attention of supplement buyers and elite athletes who have been waiting patiently for the next leap forward in supplementation.

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