Preparing first bodybuilding

The growing trend of aiming for a healthy lifestyle has led many people to exercise by going to gyms. As a result, many individuals are slowly getting interested in the sport of bodybuilding. Moreover, with more regional and international tournaments taking place, there is also an increasing interest in the sport with plenty of fans joining in to witness some of the best bodybuilders out there right now.

While a fan can sit down on their couch, munch on junk food, and still have a great time watching a bodybuilding tournament, it is a whole different ballgame for the competitors. A professional bodybuilding event can be quite daunting for an athlete who has spent months if not years preparing for it. As is the case with most sports competitions, the last stretch before any event matters a lot, and in the case of bodybuilding, here are a few suggestions that can help a first-timer be better prepared.

Be Mentally Strong

While strengthening your body might come naturally, the mind too deserves attention. There are several factors that are out of your control, which can affect the outcome of your first competition. A tournament, for example, might get cancelled for some issue before it even starts. After having put in so much effort getting ready, this can have a negative effect on the bodybuilder. However, you must remember that sports competitions return sooner or later, and the key is to keep up with your training. On the other hand, you must also prepare yourself for a loss, which is always a likelihood. To be successful in bodybuilding, being mentally ready for all possibilities is half the battle won.


The last few weeks before your first competition are crucial, and any distraction can hinder your training. Therefore, one must let go of everything and focus on the one goal of winning. This means you will have to say goodbye to your friends and family for a little while, but it is an essential step you must take as part of your training.


Next to regular exercise, food is an essential aspect of a bodybuilder’s life. However, they cannot go about eating what they like, just like a bodybuilder’s diet can, in return, harm an average person. However, food takes on a much important role right before any competition. Having a set schedule of what you can eat and how much is vital. Moreover, you need to work with your trainer and see how long before the competition, you need to start the diet. Some of the common suggestions are eating smaller meals regularly, keeping fat and protein intake in-check, and including dark green vegetables and brown rice in your menu to get your daily dose of carbohydrates.


Most bodybuilders know that part of any professional bodybuilding competition is your visual appeal. To achieve that, start on your tanning weeks before the event. If you can find a designated tanner, nothing like it as they can then work with you on getting your skin tone just right. Tanning also helps with taking out excess water from the skin that then highlights your tanning cream on the final day. As a rule of thumb, a darker tan shows better on stage than a lighter one, so aim for that.