Pro League Spain releases 2021 competition calendar

Spain is a country that has been growing at a fast pace in recent years in terms of the IFBB Pro League and the NPC. Promoter and IFBB Pro Spain president Mr Emilio Martinez has been working really hard to provide athletes with several opportunities to compete in the country, both as amateurs and as pros with events all across the nation, from Regionals to Pro Qualifiers to Olympia Qualifiers

The quality and the attention to detail that the Spanish team put into their shows is second to none and because of that, some recent shows have attracted the attention of international stars such as Regan Grimes, Rafa Brandão or James Hollingshead.

Last year, they broke records with the NPC European/Europa Pro show celebrated in Alicante that offered for the first time not one but three Olympia qualifications for the top 3 in any pro category and 3 pro cards for the top 3 in any amateur category. The event attracted hundreds and hundreds of athletes from all around the world; however, that wasn’t enough for them.

Let’s have a look at what they are preparing for 2021:

This is of course a provisional calendar as, given the situation with the global pandemic, it is almost impossible to make long term plans.

1) The first pro show of the year in Europe will take place in San Marino, Italy. It will be organized and promoted by the IFBB Pro Spain team led by Mr. Martinez alongside the IFBB Pro Italy team led by Mr. Gian Enrico Pica. The “Games of Mediterranean” show has never been celebrated before and will have its first edition in early April. Even though we don’t know what categories it will contain, we can expect to see Men’s Physique and Bikini as last year’s San Marino Pro had only those two. Even though there is no official confirmation yet, we can expect to see it happen at the ‘’Hotel Palace San Marino’’, where other Pro shows have been celebrated before.

2) 2 weeks later, on April the 26th, Alicante (Spain) will host the BigMan Pro show. It is not the first time this show is put on by the Spain team; however, it has been two years since we saw Josh Lenartowicz stand victorious in Alicante with his BigMan Pro win, defeating Akim Williams and James Hollingshead. It is a show that always attracts big names and we should expect no less for this year. Again, no location has been confirmed yet but based on previous editions, expect to see it take place in the “Hotel Meliá: Benidorm”. As far as the categories goes, there will surely be a bodybuilding class and a bikini class, the rest remains open for now.

RESULTS: 2019 Bigman Weekend Pro
Top 3 at the 2019 BigMan Pro Show

3) Almost two months after the Bigman Weekend, we will have a new Pro show once again in Alicante. For the first time ever, the “IFBB Pro League: Spain Grand Prix” will take place and even though we have no specific details yet, expect to see quite a few categories. Knowing Mr. Martinez, he won’t allow the first edition of the national grand prix to take place without all or almost all of the professional categories (just like last year in the Europa PRO where there was every single one).

No official details have been released yet in terms of where it will take place but my (educated) guess is it will take place in the ‘’IFA’’ in Alicante, a massive place for big events and celebrations that has often been used for other great shows. 

4) And to finish the year off in Spain, we will experience the second edition of the Europa Pro and its amateur show, the NPC European. Of course, last years Pro show had every single category within the IFBB Pro League (Female: Bikini, Wellness, Figure, Physique and Bodybuilding/Male: Men’s Physique, Classic Physique, 212 and Bodybuilding) and this year, the same will happen.

The 2020 Europa Pro champion James Hollingshead will not be returning to the stage in Alicante as he already secured his 2021 Olympia qualification at the British Grand Prix in late 2020, so the title is up for grabs. The IFBB Pro League European will of course take place again at the “IFA” and will surely host hundreds of athletes from across the world. What remains to be seen is if this year, there will be 3 Olympia qualifications given in every category or if just winners will take the qualification home.

Top 3 at the 2020 Europa PRO

A great year of success surely awaits for the IFBB Pro Spain team who continues to shock the bodybuilding world with top quality events that offer great quality in their pay-per-view streaming services as well as great photo services for athletes and a lot more.

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