Race qualify 2020 Olympia

Race to qualify for the 2020 Olympia in August and September.

The pro bodybuilding and fitness competition season in 2020 has been a total disaster due to the coronavirus threat.

As a number of pro bodybuilders and fitness athletes have built or found gyms to continue training, many others have not been able to train properly without access to any gyms.

With all these problems, how will the athletes qualify for the 2020 Olympia?

There are a number of athletes already qualified due to their placings at the 2019 Olympia Weekend. Plus others qualified thanks to the few shows that took place just before the coronavirus halted everything.

Major contests have been rescheduled or cancelled.

The ones that have been rescheduled all look to take place between August and September.

With the 2020 Olympia Weekend still scheduled between 9-13 September 2020 this leaves very little time for athletes to qualify.

The Olympia Weekend organizers posted a message on their official website stating that a 100% refund if the event is cancelled.

Updated on April 1, 2020:  Greetings, Olympia Fans!  Our team at Olympia headquarters is busy preparing for the 2020 edition of Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas for our September 9-13th event. We are also pleased to share that we have established a 100% ticketing refund policy for your protection in the unexpected event of a cancellation. With more than 5 months to go, we are anticipating a history-making Olympia Weekend as we celebrate the strength and resilience of the global fitness community.  –  Please use the buttons below for your ticket purchasing options. – mrolympia.com

With the majority of Olympia qualifiers looking to take place between August and September, not much options will be available for competitors to earn their qualification for the big weekend.

With the 2020 Olympia Weekend taking place at the beginning of September, this basically only leaves August and the beginning of September for athletes to qualify.

The athletes will have the biggest challenge of their career. Many will have to try to get in the best shape possible in little time.

Will Brandon Curry be the favorite to win the 2020 Mr. Olympia and defend his title? As it looks, this contest will be wide open again as it was in 2019.

Who will win the Mr. Olympia?

Brandon has been stuck in the USA and not training at Oxygen Gym in Kuwait as he was in recent years. This will surely affect him some way or another.

The others athletes that will be favorites to lift the title are Dexter, Flex Lewis, Bonac and Choopan.

Dexter is still looking in fantastic condition and he can easily retire in style by winning the Mr. Olympia title for the second time in the last contest of his career.

Flex Lewis has been given a special invite to the Mr. Olympia and he will surely be a top contender at this show. Even without the special invite, Flex would have easily qualified for this event.

Flex is one of the lucky competitors that has his own gym and he has continued to train regularly for this big event.

William Bonac cannot be overlooked. He won his second Arnold Classic title in 2020 and as well placed second at the 2019 Mr. Olympia. Bonac can easily edge past the bigger competitors and win his first Mr. Olympia title.

We must not forget fan favorite Hadi Choopan. Placing third and winning the People’s Champion Award at the 2019 Mr. Olympia is a great accomplishment for the Iranian. Many believed Hadi should have placed second or even won the 2019 Mr, Olympia.

The big problem for Choopan is if he will be able to get back into the USA. At the moment it will be impossible with all the travel restrictions due to coronavirus. Since he was given permission to come in 2019, hopefully he should have less problems in 2020.

Roelly Winklaar is already qualified for the 2020 Mr. Olympia. He did disappoint in 2019 as many believed he missed a great opportunity to win the title. Will he be a favorite in 2020? Not much can be said about Roelly as he has been very quiet on social media.

Brandon Curry will not have a easy ride in defending his title. He will surely have to keep an eye on his fellow competitors.