Chad Nicholls has been linked to some the biggest stars in the industry.

Chad has worked closely with 8X Ronnie Coleman in his early years and this week he decided to release some very rare unedited photos that Coleman sent to him three weeks before the 1998 Night of the Champions.

Ronnie went on to win the contest. Levrone placed second and Mike Matarazzo finished third.

We all know what career Coleman would have afterwards as he ended up dominating the sport for eight consecutive years!!

This is what Chad had to say about them:

Here’s a flashback to where it all began! These are 3 weeks out of the ’98 NOC – our very first show working together. We all know he went on to win that show, but it was also when I realized there was something very special about Ronnie Coleman. Work ethic like his is very rare and I knew right then it was going to be an amazing ride! These are the exact set of photos that I received (in the mail-overnighted) – 3 weeks out, un-altered – exactly what I looked at during that point in the prep. These are the first time anyone will be seeing these – have never been posted or printed anywhere before.

Its great that people such as Chad release these type of photos that have been hidden away for so many years. We hope others follow.

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