regan grimes juan morel's cheat meal

WATCH: Regan Grimes and Juan Morel’s 10,000 Calorie Epic Cheat Meal.

Every professional bodybuilder that takes to the stage, especially as a professional will have to go through a grueling diet to look their best.

Immediately after the contest is over, the bodybuilder always treats him/herself to a nice cheat meal before going back to their usual diet to prepare for the next show.

Two very popular bodybuilders decided to take their cheat meal to another level in Tokyo immediately after the IFBB Japan Pro League show. Juan Morel was the winner while Regan placed third behind Cedric McMillan.

Regan Grimes and Juan Morel managed to consume 10,000 calories between the both of them in just 2 hours.

These freaks of nature went to Krispy Kreme, a number of Japanese restaurants, Shake Shack Burger and a number of other places to try to hit their 10,000 calorie goal.

This is truly the ultimate off-season, cheat meal adventure.