Some interesting news has emerged thanks to regarding Canadian bodybuilding star Regan Grimes.

A few months ago, just after the 2017 Olympia Weekend, Regan Grimes left the watchful eye of Chris Aceto to move and continue his training at Oxygen Gym in Kuwait.

Oxygen Gym has become the mecca of bodybuilding for pro athletes from all over the world.

According to Dave Palumbo, it seems that Regan went back to Canada for the Christmas holidays and has not returned.

A number of factors could have made him decide to leave. It could be their protocols, frequent training sessions or just the fact he has become home sick.

Another interesting point is that Regan published a post on his official Instagram page indicating that he could be downsizing to compete in the Classic Division.

This is what Regan posted: Weekend Warrior 😂 Health and Longevity.. #ClassicBodybuilding #Rgarmy.

The phrase ‘Weekend Warrior’ could be referring to the statements of Phil Heath when he talked about athletes competing in the Classic Division.

Regan would have to definitely work to put down his size as he was a top athlete in the open division.

Will he get back to working with Chris Aceto? Will he compete in the Classic Division? These questions will surely be answered in the coming days.

Canadian bodybuilding star Regan Grimes