2018 IFBB Diamond Cup Algeria

RESULTS: 2018 IFBB Diamond Cup Algeria.

The 2018 IFBB Diamond Cup Algeria was perfectly organized by the Algerian Federation of Bodybuilding, Fitness & Powerlifting (FABBP) chaired by Mr. Moussa Messaour. The first edition of the Diamond Cup Algeria took place in Oran between the 15th – 18th March.

The event was a true success with new athletes qualified for the 2018 World Ranking and also a number of athletes earned their Elite Pro Card.

Algeria introduced a fantastic national team composed by 77 athletes that led the battle against competitors from Qatar, Morocco, Libya, France and Egypt. Three Algerian athletes: Belarbi Kada (Men’s Physique), Merouane Rehahla (Classic Bodybuilding) and Chams Eddine El-Bey (Bodybuilding) won the overall titles and announced their decisions to represent Algeria at the Elite Pro Division.

The winners were, as follows:

Men’s Physique:
Short (-174 cm): Chaker Benallar (Argelia)
Middle (-178 cm): Belarbi Kada (Argelia)
Tall (+178 cm): Youcef Hamr Elain (Argelia)

Classic Bodybuilding:
Short (-175 cm): Merouane Rehahla (Argelia)
Middle (-180 cm): Zoubir Hamdadou (Argelia)
Tall (+180 cm): Ahmed Chachmi (Argelia)

Light (-70 kilos): Eddin Majd (Qatar)
Middle (-80 kilos): Midoun Sid Ali (Argelia)
Light Heavy (-90 kilos): Adel Senani (Argelia)
Heavy (-100 kilos): Abdelwadoub A. Bayoumi (Qatar)
Súper Heavy (+100 kilos): Chams Eddine El-Bey (Argelia)
Master: Khaled Fetimi (Argelia)

Overall champions:
Men´s Physique: Belarbi Kada (Argelia)
Classic Bodybuilding: Merouane Rehahla (Argelia)
Bodybuilding: Chams Eddine El-Bey (Argelia)

Picture: Bodybuilding Overall winner, Chams Eddine El-Bey (Argelia), surrounded by IFBB Executive José Ramos (left) and PABBF president, Moussa Messaour (right).