RESULTS: 2019 IFBB Central American

RESULTS: 2019 IFBB Central American Bikini & Men’s Physique Championships.

The IFBB competition season is in full force and we continue with the 8th IFBB Central American Bikini & Men’s Physique Championships in Belize City (Belize) on 19 May, 2019. Organized by the National Federation (BBBFF) with the support of Central American Confederation (CCAFF) chaired by IFBB Vice-president, Mr. Eduardo Abdalah.

Wellness, Bodyfitness, Women’s Physique and Men’s Physique were the divisions for the show. The competition was open to all the IFBB-recognized Central American National Federations and as well gtwo gold medals were presented to the host country.

The event represented another important step forward in the promotion of Fitness and as well helping the IFBB get event closer to its goal of being an Olympic sport.

The main winners are as follows:

  • Men’s Physique: Herson P. Miranda (Belize)
  • Bikini (Junior): Nikita L. Sutherland (Belize)
  • Bikini (Master): Chia N. Chi (Costa Rica)
  • Bikini (-160cm): Grace M. Callejas (Nicaragua)
  • Bikini (-163cm): Clara E. Pineda (Guatemala)
  • Bikini (+163cm): Farah G. Eslaquit (Nicaragua)
  • Bodyfitness (Junior): Johana G. Leal (Guatemala)
  • Bodyfitness (Master): Silvia V. Soberanis (Guatemala)
  • Bodyfitness (-153cm): Alba V. Herrarte (Guatemala)
  • Bodyfitness (-158cm): Liz A. Alfaro (Costa Rica)
  • Bodyfitness (-163cm): María A. Rivera (Guatemala)
  • Bodyfitness (+163cm): Silvia V. Soberanis (Guatemala)
  • Women’s Physique: Maria de Lourder Pacas (El Salvador)
  • Wellness: Daniela E. Castillo (El Salvador)

Over all team winners:
Guatemala (gold)
Nicaragua (silver)
Costa Rica (bronze)