World Championships Day 2

RESULTS: 2020 IFBB World Championships – Day 2.

The 2020 IFBB World Championships second day has come to a end, bring you all the official results.

With the threat of Covid-19, many believed this prestigious event would not take place, but with careful planning with health and government officials, the IFBB managed to continue with the event.

On the first day of events, the historical IFBB World Congress took place with amendments to rules and dates of 2021 contests being confirmed.

The second day of events was another exciting affair. The day was full of male and female events.

Overall Winners – Day 2

Women’s Artistic Fitness, Open – Oleksandra Tarasova, Ukraine.

Master Men’s Physique – Vladimir Lanevich, Russia.

Master Women’s Bodyfitness – Alina Yaman, Ukraine.

Men’s Physique Overall – Farbad Chaharlang, Sweden.

Men’s Bodybuilding – Aleksandr Martynkin, Russia

Master Women’s Physique Open – Nataliia Prokhorova, Ukraine

Women’s Bodyfitness Overall – Alina Yaman, Ukraine

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World Championships Day 2 World Championships Day 2 World Championships Day 2