RESULTS: Day 1 – Spanish dominate first day of events at EBFF/IFBB European Championships.

The exciting 2018 EBFF/IFBB European Championships started on Thursday 3 May, 2018 at the iconic “Auditori del Parc Colomer”. The same venue  that has hosted the event for the past 7  editions of the European Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships, located in Santa Susanna (Spain).

With over 40 countries represented in the current 2018 edition, the host country has been the most awarded at the inaugural session.

Classic Bodybuilding was the main discipline on the day, with Masters Bodybuilding finishing the first day of events. A total of 7 Gold Medals were won d by the Spanish Team, including the Overall Titles in Classic Bodybuilding and Master Classic Bodybuilding with Patricio Martín and Manuel Sánchez winning respectively.


  • Junior (Open):  Volodymyr Andreishyn (Ukraine)
  • Master 40-44 (Open):  Manuel Sánchez (Spain)
  • Master 45-49 (Open):  Stephan Bris (Spain)
  • Master +50 (Open):  Eduardo López (Spain)
  • Games Classic (Open):  Alexandr Barbashin (Russia)
  • Short Class (up to 171 cm): Claudio Adam (Portugal)
  • Middle Class (up to 175 cm):  Josep Mayoral (Spain)
  • Tall Class (up to 180 cm): Patricio Martín (Spain)
  • Super Tall Class (over 180 cm): Pavel Konoshevich (Russia)
  • Overall Master CBB: Manuel Sánchez (Spain)
  • Overall CBB: Patricio Martín (Spain)


  • Master 50-54 y.o. (up to 80 Kg):  Francisco Quintana (Spain)
  • Master 50-54 y.o. (over 80 Kg):  Pedro Villa (Spain)
  • Master +55 y.o. (up to 75 Kg): Gunnar Paasche (Germany)
  • Master +55 y.o. (over 75 Kg):  Roberto Massagli (Italy)
  • Mixed Pairs:  Sonia Semedo & Claudio Adam (Portugal)

Below are the official results from Day 1: