RESULTS: IFBB 2018 Belt & Road (China)

RESULTS: IFBB 2018 Belt & Road (China).

Two full days of competition has taken place in China at the IFBB 2018 Belt & Road championships.

After a spectacular opening the business of competition started with some of the  best athletes in the world.

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The results are as follows:

Bodybuilding Bantam (-65 kg): Loi Yang (China)

Bodybuilding Welter (-75 kg): Meng Hai (China)

Bodybuilding Middle (-85 kg): Ott Kiivikas (Estonia)

Bodybuilding Heavy (+85 cm): Fabio Romagnolo (Italia)

Bikini Short (-158 cm): Anna Baikina (Russia)

Bikini Short-Middle (-162 cm): Ulpan Nurbekova (Kazakhystan)

Bikini Middle (-166 cm): Yana Kryspayeva (Kazakhystan)

Bikini Tall (-169 cm): Olivia Cambalova (Slovakia)

Bikini Super Tall (+169 cm): Natalia Ejsmont (Norway)

Classic Bodybuilding Short (-168 cm): Behin Xu (China)

Classic Bodybuilding Short – Middle (-171 cm): Wei Wang (China)

Classic Bodybuilding Middle (-175 cm): Hyun Beung Lee (Korea)

Classic Bodybuilding Tall (+175 cm): Yutao Ding (China)

Men´s Physique Short (-170 cm): Wei Yun Feng (China)

Men´s Physique Short-Middle (-173 cm): Yuan Liang (China)

Men´s Physique Middle (-176 cm): Enrique Gutiérrez (Spain)

Men´s Physique Tall (-179 cm): Piotr Zielinski (Poland)

Men´s Physique Super Tall (+179 cm): Lin Zhen Qu (China)

Women´s Physique (Open):  Marysel Cruz (Puerto Rico)

Wellness (Open): Xue Fei Zhang (China)

Bodyfitness Short (-163 cm): Chantal Graziani (Malta)

Bodyfitness Tall (+163 cm): Yuliia Kazakovtceva (Russia)

Full detailed results will be uploaded shortly