RESULTS Elite World Championships

RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2020 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships.

The third 2020 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships have come to an end with defending champions retaining their titles, previous champions regaining their titles and new champions crowned.

This edition of the IFBB Elite Pro World Championships will go down in history as a historic event that took place during the Covid-19 crisis.

With venues and dates being changed throughout the year, IFBB President Rafael Santonja did not want to let his athletes down, so he made the impossible turn to reality.

The best solution for the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro was to organize the IFBB Elite Pro World Championships and the Arnold Classic Europe Amateur at the same event.

The event was another exciting show with a majority of the top stars retaining their titles.

IFBB Elite Pro bodybuilding star Michal Krizanek won his World Championship title back after losing it in 2019. Michal one the title first in 2018 and takes it back home with him.

Second place went to Mika Sihvonen. Mike has been challenging Michal for the last couple of years. A much smaller bodybuilder than Michal, Mika is proof that a well balanced physique can defeat athletes twice his size.

The Bikini World Championship title went to Ukraine’s Oksana Bryhidyr. After finishing second in 2019, Oksana made sure she made the next step to win the 2020 World Championship.

Slovakia’s Adela Ondrejovicova has yet to be defeated in the Women’s Bodyfitness division. Adela is one of the most consistent athletes within the IFBB Elite Pro League.

This is the third consecutive IFBB Elite Pro Championship for Adela and it looks like she is not slowing down anytime soon.

Ukraine’s Serhii Danilets is the new IFBB Elite Pro World Champion in the Men’s Classic Physique Division. After winning the 2019 Arnold Classic Europe title, Serhii is establishing himself as the man to beat in Men’s Classic Physique.

Serhii’s well balanced physique gave him the edge ahead of a line-up of 14 World Class athletes.

A new Wellness World Champion has been crowned, after former champion Agela Borges decided to leave the IFBB Elite Pro League for the NPC.

Brazil’s Lexy Oliver is the new IFBB Elite Pro Wellness World Champion. Lexy showed consistency throughout the year and she is deserving of the title.

Hungry’s Nikolett Szabo won the Women’s Fitness IFBB Elite Pro World Championship. Nikolett is another consistent competitor in this division within the IFBB Elite Pro League.

Placing consistently in the top three at all IFBB Elite Pro events, it would be a matter of time when Nikolett would be crowned a world champion. Nikolett placed fourth in 2018 and third in 2019. 2020 would be the year for Nikolett.

The Men’s Physique division World Championship title was retained by the undefeated Dmytro Horobets.

Dmytro is now a three time World Champion, multiple Arnold Classic Europe winner and undefeated at numerous IFBB Elite Pro events.

Presenting a flawless physique, Dmytro has become the poster boy for the Men’s Physique division withing the IFBB Elite Pro League.

During the event, IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja shared his message on encouragement and positivity.

As well, the Arnold Sports Festival Europe would not be complete if Arnold Schwarzenegger was not present in one way or another.

Arnold was full of praise for Rafael and his wife Nieves as he talked to the athletes and spectators via a live video message.

Schwarzenegger was very happy for Rafael and the IFBB organizing the Arnold Sports Festival Europe during such a difficult time in the world.

At the same time, Arnold emphasized the importance of safety for all the athletes and spectators in regards to Covid-19. would like to congratulate IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja, Nieves, the IFBB Executive committee and all the athletes for making this great event possible. Photos – Click HERE

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RESULTS Elite World Championships RESULTS Elite World Championships RESULTS Elite World Championships RESULTS Elite World Championships

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