IFBB European Day 1

RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2021 IFBB European Championships Day 1.

The day that the bodybuilding world has been waiting for has finally arrived, The first day of competitions at the IFBB European Championships.

From morning to night, the best amateur bodybuilders in Europe stepped on stage, representing their countries at the IFBB European Championships.

It was evident that every athlete was well prepared for this event. The condition that was presented at the 2021 IFBB European Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships was at the highest level.

Every athlete made sure they presented a package that was inline with the IFBB’s judging criteria, at the same time giving the judges a very hard time to pick the winner.

IFBB President Rafael Santonja and his Executive Team made sure all precautions were in place due to Covid-19, keeping everybody safe at this event.

Day 1 Events

Men’s Games Classic Bodybuilding
Junior Women’s Wellness
Master Women’s Wellness
Men’s Games Classic Bodybuilding
Women’s Wellness
Men’s Wheelchair
Master Men’s Bodybuilding
Beginner’s Men’s Physique
Junior Men’s Physique
Master Men’s Physique
Men’s Physique


All Categories – Men’s Bodybuilding (Senior & Master)
All Categories – Men’s Classic Bodybuilding (Senior)
All Categories – Men’s Physique (Senior)
All Categories – Men’s Classic Physique (Senior)
All Categories – Women’s Physique (Senior)
All Categories – Women’s Bodyfitness (Senior & Master)
All Categories – Women ́S Bikini (Senior & Master)
All Categories – Women’s Wellness (Senior)

All photos from the first day of competitions can be viewed at Eastlabs.sk – Click HERE

IFBB European Day 1 IFBB European Day 1 IFBB European Day 1 IFBB European Day 1 IFBB European Day 1

IFBB European Day 1

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