Results & Photos: 2021 Portugal Pro – Andrea Presti wins.

The 2021 Portugal Pro was an exciting event, showcasing the top athletes from all around Europe.

With Covid-19 still causing problems all over the world, it has been very difficult for athletes to travel, especially to the USA.

With a number of NPC/Pro League events organzied Europe, this gives the opportunity for athletes to earn their qualification for the 2021 Olympia Weekend.

It will be a weekend to remember for Italy’s Andrea Presti as he managed to record his first Pro win and earn his qualification for the 2021 Mr. Olympia.

Andrea was the man to beat with his balanced physique and great condition. has been following Andrea from his amateur days with the IFBB in Europe. Andrea has always showed great potential and will surely have more success in the sport

Germany’s Tim Budesheim had to settle for second, while Brazil’s William Martins finished in third.

Checkout the updated 2021 Olympia Weekend Qualification List.

Full Results

Bodybuilding Open
1. Andrea Presti
2. Tim Budesheim
3. William Martins
4. Vlad Suhoruchko
5. Theo Leguerrier
6. Krystian Wolski
7. Andrea Muzi
8. Alfred Vlad Chiriac
9. Khaled Alkazem
10. Anton Shal

Bodybuilding 212
1. Lucas Coelho
2. Steve Benthin
3. Fabricio Moreira
4. Melnikov Andrei
5. Nasser Sayed
6. Ahmed Bat

Classic Physique
1. Jose Maria Mete Bueriberi
2. Germán Pastor
3. Wesley Vissers
4. Alex dos Anjos
5. Fabian Mayr
6. David Hoffmann

Men’s Physique
1. Felipe Franco
2. Youcef Djoudi
3. Elton Mota
4. Pedro Lima
5. Luca Biolo
6. Sanad Alsanad

Women’s Bodybuilding
1. Anastasia Leonova
2. Margita Zamolova
3. Vera Mikulcova
4. Vanesa Lloria
5. Alena Hatvani
6. Nidia Hermosilla

1. Minna Pajulahti
2. Kate Errington
3. Corrine Bean

1. Rhea Gayle
2. Lena Ramsteiner
3. Jennifer Zienert
4. Oyku Basar
5. Bahar Ayra
6. Olesya Kochura

1. Kristina Brunauer
2. Anastasia Gonzalez Andreu
3. Cristiane Silveira
4. Noora Mahonen
5. Ottavia Mazza
6. Alice Marchisio

Women’s Physique
1. Dany Castillo
2. Elisama Manoel B. Zoretto
3. Modesta Halby
4. Laura Pintado Chinchilla
5. Alcione C. da Silva dos Santos
6. Isabel Martins Bajao



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