REVIEW LA Muscle Superman

REVIEW: LA Muscle Superman.

Have you ever, as a child or an adult, wanted to become one of Marvel’s iconic characters? Would Superman do? Well, this LA Muscle Superman Review will examine if that can be possible!

These ‘super supplements’ are designed to enhance your ‘male power’. The brand claims that they will help to:

  • Give you more muscle and strength
  • Provide increased sexual power in the bedroom (or wherever you want!)
  • Boost your confidence and well-being
  • Increase testosterone and power in the gym and beyond
  • Assure more confidence in the bedroom

These are all very bold claims! But can this Superman ‘super supplement’ live up to its claims?

Read on to find out!

Pros and Cons

The first thing you need to understand in relation to LA Muscle Superman is that it is not one product – it is a stack of their existing products.


  • Well-known brand, long established company
  • Highly praised
  • GMO-Free and Halal
  • Free from artificial colours, gluten free, wheat free
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Big savings over purchasing individually


  • Expensive
  • 3 of the products are trial sized
  • Not all ingredients have the strongest scientific support
  • Many different caps to take daily
  • Big overlap in aims of product, also some overlap in ingredients
  • Complex sequence for consumption

We would say that the jury is out on this one from the pros and cons. Will these products benefit you?

Let’s first discover a little more about the brand behind the hype.

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Who Makes LA Muscle Superman?

LA Muscle is a company from London (did you expect it to be from LA?), whose mission is crafting the best bodybuilding supplements. They specialize in muscle building and weight loss supplements. And even have their own LA Muscle TV! Pretty impressive, we must say.

Established in 1997, the company claims to be supplying only ethical and luxurious products to its customers worldwide.

They have also won numerous awards, including Men’s Health Supplement Of The Year.

In this LA Muscle Superman review, we’ll see if the range justifies the price tag.


The bundle comes with 6 different products, each designed to give specific results:

  • Estro Block – blocks estrogen while boosting testosterone
  • Agent R – muscle and testosterone booster
  • Norateen Heavyweight II Trial – more testosterone boosting
  • Norateen Gold Trial – increases sexual drive, muscle mass, energy, all while reducing body fat
  • Testo 250 – yet another testosterone booster
  • Vascular Trial 2 x 2 bottles – this one is supposed to make a superman out of you (in the bedroom only, though)

As you may have spotted, there are three trial sized bottles in this pack, and those are the most expensive ones at normal retail price.

LA Muscle Superman Ingredients

As there are 6 different products in this bundle, it would take forever to list all of the ingredients. We are only going to talk about the most important ones (many are used across the products in the bundle anyway).

Norateen Heavyweight II Ingredients:

D-Aspartic Acid 200mg per serving

Often found in testosterone boosters, this amino acid has frequently been praised for its properties. But contrary to popular belief, D-aspartic acid has not been proven to work! (1) It does not increase muscle mass, nor does it improve body composition.

Suma Root 20mg per serving

Also known as Brazilian ginseng, is a plant that grows in the Amazon rainforest and may have many benefits, including:

  • It May have anti-inflammatory properties
  • May boost antioxidants in the body
  • Could offer cancer protection
  • Possibly aids digestion.

It’s also shown some potential in increasing fertility (2), though more studies are needed to confirm this, as Suma Root has not yet been tested on human subjects.

Vasculator Ingredients:

L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) 184MG

AAKG is basically arginine, but modified! L-Arginine is often used for stimulating the human growth hormone (HGH) and insulin. But it’s also often used for treating chest pain related to angina, high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. Overall it can be deemed safe and effective for short-term use. (3)

An amino acid often used as a medicine. Frequently given during chemotherapy and to patients with liver disease, as well as for HIV/AIDS. But it can also work for muscle growth (4).

Norateen Gold Ingredients:

Panax Ginseng 10mg

Also known as Korean Ginseng, this ingredient has been used for centuries to help with immune system support. Interestingly, it has also been confirmed to work for increasing testosterone levels. (5)

Vitamin D3 1mg

Most people are Vitamin D deficient. Though not many are aware of how important it is for our body to function properly. It’s often been cited as being a great immune system supporter, but did you know that it’s also vital for testosterone production? (6)

Vitamin D3 is often found in certain foods such as fatty fish but also produced by the body upon sunlight exposure.

This product contains 1mg of D3. This equals 40000 IUs, which is considered way too much. In fact, so much that I assumed when reading it that they had just got it wrong on the website, it is quite common for people to mix up mg and mcg in relation to vitamin D3. The 1mg of D3 is also repeated on the Amazon listing though – we have to assume it is correct given that it is stated on both the website and Amazon listing.

For this reason, adding K2 or Magnesium to this product would counteract the possibility of arterial calcification that is associated with D3 overdose (6.5)

Testo 250:

Tribulus Terrestris 250mg

The only ingredient in this supplement (but in a high dose). Tribulus Terrestris has been rumoured to help with boosting testosterone. No wonder that many supplement companies have picked up on that and market it as helpful.

Unfortunately, it’s time to debunk the myths! Research actually shows that this little plant does not in fact boost testosterone at all! (7)

Stinging Nettle 35mg

Used for centuries and widely available throughout the world, stinging nettle is packed with nutrients. Some of those include:

  • Vitamins A, B, C and K
  • Minerals – calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron
  • As well as all the essential amino acids

This little plant has actually been proven to prevent dihydrotestosterone from converting into testosterone. This, in turn, shrinks the prostate size (studies done on rats) (8), (9).

Vitamin K2 MK-7 0.06mg

Vitamin K2 has been proven to reduce the risk of testosterone decrease associated with ageing (10). Not only that, but Vitamin K2 also boosts testosterone (11).

But, we can confirm that when you combine vitamin K and vitamin D together, you will likely increase calcium levels in the body (12). And maintaining optimal calcium levels will ensure a natural increase in testosterone (13).

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How to Take (Dosage)

You can take each supplement individually (as directed on each tab), but LA Muscle suggests that you should combine them for maximum results.

They advise adhering to the following routine:

  • Norateen Heavyweight II Trial AND Vasculator Trial
  • Norateen Gold Trial AND Vasculator Trial
  • Testo 250 AND Vasculator Trial
  • Testo 250

LA Muscle Superman Stack

It also says “You can take them as you wish or as follows:“. Considering there is an overlap in some ingredients, this raises our eyebrows.

The company also suggests taking Ashwagandha alongside each supplement to enhance results even further. Naturally, they propose their own Ashwagandha that you can get from their online store if you so desire.

Additionally, the company says you should take this product in cycles – 2 month on and 1 month off.

LA Muscle Superman Side Effects

We wouldn’t anticipate any side effects from LA Muscle Superman as in many cases the products contain ingredients in low dosages. However we’d strongly advise you not to take dosages like 1mg of D3 a day for the long term (or even the medium term).

Product Price

The bundle comes with a hefty price tag of £260. Although, at the time of writing this review, they offer a discount that brings the total down to £99.01. Still, that’s quite an offer considering that getting each individual product would cost you twice that!

You could always try getting the bundle cheaper on Amazon or eBay, as it’s possible to find them there.

LA Muscle Superman Reviews

LA Muscle also has over 900+ reviews on Trustpilot with 80% of people saying that the brand’s products are excellent.

‘Best company ever experienced on supplements.’

‘Excellent products from LA muscle, very happy with my order.’

‘Perfect supplements for every occasion and body type.’

Of course there are people who don’t like the brand at all. You can’t please all the people all of the time:

‘Complete and utter crap.’

‘Rubbish product… no refund given.’

‘The product did not work at all. It was meant to be a fat loss pill. I ended up putting on more weight.’

One thing worth pointing out, there is only a single review of the superman stack on the website. As short as a review can be: ‘Love it’. 100 ‘likes’? I’m sorry, this is the real world and getting 100 likes on a crappy two word review like that has my spidey sense tingling. You be the judge.

Alex Alex


In this LA Muscle Superman Review, we have evaluated the claims made by the company and scrutinized the ingredients. Some of the ingredients in the formula do work, whilst some have question marks over them. This supplement bundle is offered at a good discount

Overall this looks like quite a messy and overlapping bundle of products and the confused schedule of consumption makes us wonder what the idea is behind bundling these together (except maybe getting rid of a load of trial sized bottles they’ve ended up with).

Will the LA Muscle Superman bundle give you wings or superpowers? Don’t go wearing your underpants outside your tights just yet.

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