REVIEW Meratrim Fat Burners

REVIEW: Meratrim Fat Burners

Does Meratrim work? The fat loss supplement has some unique claims, and with only two ingredients. It certainly piqued our interest. Before we dive into the findings of our research, here’s what Meratrim asserts it can do for you:

  • Burns stored fat
  • Reduces the amount of fat being picked up by fat cell from the bloodstream
  • Decreases the likelihood of fat cells multiplying

In essence, it directly targets fat cells to alter their metabolism. Its ingredients are safe, natural, and clinically tested.

It provides exciting prospects to individuals looking to lose weight or burn fat; however, do their claims hold up? Our Meratrim review takes a look at the science, results, and possible side effects of using the supplement. Let’s jump right in.

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Meratrim at a Glance

Meratrim is a proprietary fat loss supplement blend consisting of two herbs—namely:  Phaeranthus Indicus and Garcinia Mangostana. The diet pill has been tested in three major clinical studies by their manufacturers with encouraging results. Details of which we’ll explore in the Ingredients section.

Launching in 2011, it grew increasingly popular as a weight management tool after endorsement by celebrities like Dr. Oz. It sells as a standalone product or blended within other supplements to improve its efficacy.


  • Ingredients are purely natural
  • Targets fat loss directly
  • Clinically tested for its safety and effectiveness
  • Cost economical compared to other supplements


  • Only two ingredients
  • May only be a short-term fix
  • Not sold directly by manufacturers
  • Reviewers report experiencing some side effects

Who Makes This Product?

The supplement was manufactured by Interhealth Nutraceuticals—a nutritional supplement company. However, the company was acquired by Lonza, who has a similar profile. They do not directly sell products to consumers. The company is known for producing high-quality blends for dietary supplements and cosmetic products.

Moreover, its patented blends are clinically tested for their efficacy. Meratrim is one such supplement. It has been designed to burn fat and reduce hip-waist size in a matter of weeks.

Now that we know the company behind the product, let’s dive into the product’s claims and ingredients.


Meratrim reviews its product as a natural, safe, and well-tolerated pill to decrease body weight. It allows for:

  • The breakdown of existing fat cells – Using thermogenesis, the blend boosts the body’s overall metabolism; thereby enhancing weight loss efforts
  • Prevents fat from being stored in cells – The compound actively inhibits fat storage throughout the day
  • Improves digestive health and provides other benefits – Both compounds were historically used for their medicinal properties and nutritional value. Therefore, it can provide you with additional positive effects to improve your health.


Moving on to the supplement’s components: It contains two plant-based ingredients of Asian origin. Combining the two provides powerful fat-loss effects. On the other hand, it’s essential to look at them separately as well.

Phaeranthus Indicus

The Phaeranthus Indicus is a flowering plant known for its medicinal uses within Ayurvedic customs. It typically grows in India, Sri Lanka, Australia and Indonesia. The plant consists of nutrients such as amino acids, steroids, fats, and numerous antioxidants.

Studies relating to Phaeranthus Indicus reveal its complexity and potential as a medicinal product. For instance, it may help to (1):

  • Improve immunity
  • Manage diabetes
  • Lower inflammations
  • Inhibit viral activities
  • Heal wounds and much more

On the other hand, formal, independent studies into its effectiveness as a weight-loss tool are currently lacking. Overall, there seems to be some merit and history behind using the compound, given its historical use.

Garcinia Mangostana

Garcinia Mangostana is the scientific name of the purple mangosteen located within South East Asia. This unique sweet and tangy fruit has some medicinal uses as well. Being high in fibre and anti-inflammatory, the product’s inclusion as a fat loss product seems only logical.  

Additionally, it contains natural compounds such as xanthones and benzophenones; for example, it protects against arthritis, cancer, and other digestive or muscular ailments.

One study involving the supplementation of Garcinia Mangostana had some interesting findings. High-fat, diet-induced rats were able to lower body fat percentages with metabolic changes to their liver and kidney functioning (2). While human testing is still lacking, the study poses an overall positive outlook.

The company has, however, looked at the effects of blend in their own research. Therefore, it’s crucial to review their findings.


According to the study conducted by the manufacturer, Meratrim proves to be a powerful weight management pill (3).

The study took on 100 obese participants; 77 of whom were women, while 23 were men. They were subsequently split up in groups:

  • Group 1: Took 400mg of Meratrim before breakfast and dinner
  • Group 2: Took a placebo pill before breakfast and dinner

Additionally, a diet of 2000 calories with a 30-minute daily walk supported each group’s efforts.

The results after 8 weeks show a marked difference between the two groups. Group 1 (the supplemented participants) lost a total of 11 pounds. In contrast, the placebo group only dropped 3.3 pounds in the same period. Moreover, group 1 also lost 4.7 inches in their waist-line in comparison to group 2’s 2.4 inches.

With encouraging results, the study was tested twice more with similar outcomes. In terms of its real-world effectiveness, there are a few more things to explore.

Anything Missing?

Meratrim has some positive indicators for having an impactful effect on the fat loss process. However, the plant-based concoction most likely will not be sufficient on its own—especially in the long-run.  

Additionally, you’re likely to find it as an added ingredient in fat burners or other weight loss supplements. Its formulation will depend on its seller. Therefore its effectiveness largely depends on the brand and product you’re purchasing.

Our advice: Read the ingredient list of supplements containing Meratrim. Try to go for products that can complement the compound to boost and sustain its effects.

How to Take (Dosage)

Its manufacturer recommends a daily dose of 800mg. Each capsule contains 400mg of the product; therefore, you can take Meratrim before and after meals. In the case of supplements containing Meratrim, follow the instructions provided.

For best results, however, you should combine supplementation with a proper diet and regular exercise. If you have any concerns about usage, consult your doctor.

Side Effects

Meratrim is 100% natural and plant-based; therefore, it appears safe to consume and well-tolerated. Some customers note mild side effects including stomach pain and nausea.

Human testing is lacking; therefore avoid or consult a doctor before using it while pregnant or in case of food sensitivities.

Customer Reviews

The reviews are generally mediocre for the various brands selling Meratrim.

Some customers report experiencing weight loss in combination with a general diet and exercise protocol. They second the company’s findings of losing inches within weeks, while also reporting slight craving control.

However, many were less impressed. The most common complaint being the lack of effectiveness of the product. Some reviewers suggest initial nausea, which dissipated over time. Overall, it does not have the most encouraging reviews.

Price and Value For Money?

You’ll likely find Meratrim being sold in its pure form by the following companies at varying prices:

  • Re-body 60-capsule bottle: $31.99
  • Emerald 60-capsule bottle: $29.66
  • Logic Nutra 60-capsule bottle: $33.24

Considering most weight loss supplements are usually above $50, it is comparatively reasonably priced. However, considering its short ingredient list and limited research, it may still be a gamble.

Conclusion to Meratrim Review

To sum up our Meratrim review: It is an interesting prospect; however, more clinical trials are required.

The supplement uses natural ingredients known for their medicinal uses and could potentially help improve your overall health. It is no magic pill, though. Users will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to see its effects. The supplement is an aid to help boost or assist in achieving fat loss.

Is there anything better?

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