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REVIEW: National Bodybuilding Co. Vegan Protein.

National Bodybuilding Co. Full Prep Vegan Protein Review: Here, we will discuss whether National Bodybuilding Co’s protein can support your body to grow muscle, maintain optimum nutrition, and improve endurance.

Building muscle and maintaining it are challenging. And it is not always easy to decide what programs to follow and what advice to listen to. But when you find what works for you, you will reach new heights with your performance that you never thought possible.

You probably have an understanding of protein and the crucial role it plays in the building of muscles. You may have also heard that the best protein is sourced from animal products. This was once a widely held belief, but countless modern bodybuilders and athletes are breaking the stereotypes by sourcing their protein from animal products and seeing excellent results.

There is an increasing amount of scientific research that proves that plant proteins such as rice and pea can actually be more effective at repairing muscles and aiding in intentional weight loss.

Traditional whey products are hard to digest, which can leave you with low levels of energy. Plant protein promises to be kinder to your gut and leave you with better endurance as a result.

The muscle-building amino acid L-Leucine is also plentiful in rice and pea proteins. And the amino acids that are sourced from plants are better absorbed by your body.

Bodybuilding and good nutrition are increasing in popularity, the market is booming and there has been a rise in plant protein supplements. This has paved the way for progressive manufacturers who do their research and manufacture clean products with optimized ingredients like National Bodybuilding Co.

Nutritional Facts

National Bodybuilding Co. Protein 637g tub contains 20, 31.7g servings. Each serving contains:

  • 5g of protein
  • 2g of carbohydrates
  • 117 calories
  • 3g of naturally occurring fats
  • 100mg of Sodium – to enhance flavor and boost the fullness of your muscles.
  • Iron– supports the delivery of nutrients and oxygen through into the muscle tissue through the blood.
  • Potassium– reduces muscle cramps, recharges plasma K+ after training, and promotes healthy blood circulation.
  • Vitamin D– hormonal support and support with the absorption of calcium for healthy bones.
  • Calcium– works with vitamin D to keep your joints and bones healthy. Calcium is also beneficial for your teeth, which as a bodybuilder, you need to work to protect.


The ingredients are clearly listed so that we can make proper judgments on the product. All of the ingredients are natural and organic, which massively reduces the risk of any adverse side effects.

The ingredients in National Bodybuilding Co. Vegan Protein are:

  • Organic Rice Protein (12,500mg),
  • Organic Pea Protein (12,500mg),
  • Flavoring includes cocoa, Sweetly Stevia ® StevioPure™, and natural flavors – all of which are naturally sourced and organic.

This protein drink will give you the ability to reach your protein goals each day with the power of plants. Due to the rice and pea protein combination, you will see a massive improvement in muscle recovery and synthesis and will will have more endurance. This will allow you to continue to push your body to new limits and grow or maintain your muscles.

You may still have concerns over its effectiveness when compared to your whey protein:

Vegan vs. Whey Protein

Countless studies have shown that pea and rice proteins are at least as beneficial to the growth and repair of muscles, then whey. They have even been shown to be better than whey at delivering amino acids to where your body needs them. Pea protein also makes you feel fuller longer and optimizes the flow of blood around your body. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

National Bodybuilding Co’s proteins don’t cause inflammation or digestive issues that are linked to whey protein.

A relaxed digestion system and better absorption of amino acids result in protein being more bioavailable, reaching the muscles faster. It also reserves your energy for where it is needed and improves your endurance.


There is only one National Bodybuilding Co. Vegan Protein, chocolate.

It is common for people transitioning to a vegan diet to miss chocolate, so this is a great way to help curb that craving.

Price and Value for Money?

Each tub is $40 and contains 20 servings. Considering the advanced manufacturing processes and research that it has taken to create this product, it is excellent value for money.

Plus, it’s organic and naturally sweetened, with superior benefits to whey protein. Not only is it potentially better for your health, but it is also less damaging to the environment.

Where to Buy?

To purchase the National Bodybuilding Co. Full Prep Vegan Protein, follow this link:

Beware of counterfeit products frequently sold on Amazon, eBay, or other 3rd party sites. Buy directly from the manufacturer to avoid being scammed or receiving a sub-par or out-of-date product.



  • Made in cGMP and FDA-approved facilities
  • Better for the environment then whey
  • Superior for fat loss and blood circulation
  • 100% organic whey protein
  • Cleaner absorption
  • Naturally flavored with stevia.


  • Only one flavor (natural chocolate)
  • More costly than some other vegan protein powders available
  • Can only be purchased from National Bodybuilding Co’s website.


If you are looking for new ways to build muscle, improve your endurance, and optimize your overall health, then you should try a vegan protein. But not all vegan proteins are made equal; with National Bodybuilding Co., you can be confident that you are receiving a product with the optimum amount of nutrients to help you to perform your best.

From improved l-leucine absorption to improved muscle tissue oxygenation and blood flow, this is one of the cleanest vegan proteins on the market.

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