gaspari bookFrom the Facebook page of Rich Gaspari:
Please share the news! I am thrilled to announce that I’m days away from pre-launching my first book, “51 Days No Excuses.” It will be available as a Soft Cover as well as a Digital Download through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and My book takes you on a 51 day challenge to transform your body and mind with a “no excuses” approach at a lifestyle change. In this book you will not only receive a daily diet and exercise plan, but stories of overcoming obstacles, personal setbacks, and how to stay motivated in the face of adversity. Also some of my untold stories and personal setbacks and triumphs Iv’e experienced over the years. As we are in a PRE pre-launch phase I couldn’t keep the secret from you any longer. For those of you that feel you will support me in making this a top 5 best seller, for a limited time only I will invite you to join my private “51 Days No Excuses Launch Team” here…

Join the Launch Team:

In this group you all will have the opportunity to discuss the book and its contents and once a week I will be holding a live chat to answer any questions you may have. In addition and for those that purchase the book in the pre-order phase myself and my team are putting together a ton of promo items. T-Shirts, Product Giveaways, A VIP Launch Party at the Arnold Classic 2014 etc. and even the opportunity to be flown in with hotel and expenses paid to next year’s Arnold to hang out with me and the Gaspari Team! Official pre-order purchase date to be announced soon! Thank you so much for your incredible support!