Well now that the  2013 NPC National championships are over, its time to get back to what evolutionofbodybuilding.net  loves talking about… the Legends of the 80’s and 90’s.

We are going back to 1989 when Rich Gaspari won the 1989 Arnold Classic. He was the first winner of this prestigious title and if anybody deserved it, it was Rich Gaspari.

Rich trained vigorously for this title and he truly deserved it.

Was Gaspari denied a Olympia title? maybe, but winning the Arnold classic and placing second at the Mr. Olympia to the great Lee Haney is a accomplishment in itself.

Gaspari has stayed close to his values and it is showing in his great business, Gaspari Nutrition. His drive for winning when he was a champion bodybuilder is still the same and it is showing through Flex Lewis, the two time 212 Mr. Olympia.

When watching Gaspari and the other champions pose in the video, take a look at their mid-section. The conditioning is incredible and it is something that must come back in the sport of bodybuilding.

Gary Strydom was much bigger than Gaspari, but he finished third. That is how judging should be. This problem of giving the title to the bigger athlete has to end, and Richard is a true example of a fighter!!