Robin Chang's misleading

The Truth: Olympia promoter Robin Chang’s misleading facts in recent article.

The man behind the Olympia Weekend Robin Chang answered a few questions on the website of Muscle & Fitness regarding the Olympia and other issues.

Robin Chang is the producer of the Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend, the International Director of the IFBB Professional League, and the VP of events for AMI.

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In this latest article that was published, Robin Chang answers a number of questions regarding the Olympia and other issues related to the industry.

If you follow the sport from one side of the fence, the facts that Robin presents seem ok, but when a person follows the sport from both sides of the fence you see a entirely different side to the story.

Since the split or one can say the suspension of the IFBB Pro League by the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness), there has been a number of false accusations, mostly coming from a number of figures from the IFBB Pro League.

As usual when these people speak, it is a mortal sin for a number of websites to answer back with their own opinion, especially in the USA since they are scared of the hard hand that will refuse them press passes to a number of main events such as the Olympia. will always reveal the truth and we are happy to challenge some of the statements of Robin in his recent article.

Below are Robin Chang’s answers to various questions and our answer to them as well:

Is the Mr. Olympia rigged?

Robin Chang: It’s not. We have a system in place to ensure fair judging. Here’s how it works: The Olympia is judged by a panel of 13 judges—11 judges and two alternates. As a rule, the three highest and lowest scores are dropped. So let’s say three judges score William Bonac in first, three others score him as fifth, and the rest give him second place. The first- and fifth-place rankings would get dropped, then the remaining scores are added. As for why Phil Heath keeps winning? He’s that good! Trust me, from a business standpoint, having different winners helps sell tickets. So there are no “politics” keeping him in first. (EOB): We agree with Robin here, but he does reveal that they are trying everything to get a decent challenger against Phil Heath. The Promo is recent years has been lacking, in the past we would see posters with Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler head to head, but this seems to have stopped.

Why don’t people like Phil Heath?

Robin Chang: If you don’t know Phil, he can come off as cocky and arrogant. But I’ve also noticed a trend where the fans turn on multiyear champs, like Ronnie [Coleman] and Jay [Cutler]. I think people get tired of seeing the same person win. From a fan’s perspective, I get it—it gets boring!

EOB: Yes, fans do get bored of the same winner year after year, but again it is the job of the promoter to stir things up. For the 2018 Olympia, they invented the Fans Voting for the ‘People’s Champ’, another sign of disrespect for the winner of the event. If Phil Heath wins his eighth Olympia that should be enough to earn the right to be the ‘People’s Champion’. It seems everything is being done to take the focus away from Phil Heath. Even more now since he has cut ties with AMI, proving this by being interviewed by Ron Harris on Muscular Development.  As well, you can notice that the photo that is attached with Robin Chang’s article has Big Ramy in the middle and not Phil Heath, does this mean something? We are on record saying that automatic qualification for the Olympia should be removed. All athletes should start from scratch to qualify for the next year. It makes the sport more exciting and everybody is on the same playing field. Click HERE to read more.

Rumor has it Kai Greene wasn’t allowed to compete in the 2015 Mr. Olympia. True or false?

Robin Chang: False—and I’m shocked people still care. It’s very simple: Kai’s contract with Weider was up, and he threatened to not compete unless we renewed it. We didn’t. So he claimed in a video that he wasn’t allowed to compete or go to the O expo. None of that is true. Kai didn’t compete because Kai didn’t want to compete. It was his decision. By the way, the expo is a public event that anyone can attend, so that video was made to play on the emotions of his fans.

EOB: Yes people still care as Kai Greene was the perfect challenger to Phil Heath and this has destroyed the Olympia with him not being there. It is being proven now with all other media calling for Kai Greene to come back to try to win the Olympia and also win the ‘People’s Champion’ award. But as we all know, Kai refused a invitation last year and as well this year he would still need to qualify, and this is practically impossible now. We do not believe this is a contract problem as when Jay Cutler was signed with Muscular Development, he still won the Olympia. We are sure there is more to this and we still have to hear the truth from Kai Greene himself.

What was the most botched Olympia decision of all time?

Robin Chang: When Franco Columbu won in 1981. I love Franco and have a great amount of respect for him, but he was a mess that year. One of his legs was smaller than the other due to a previous injury, and he had a massive gyno (man boobs)—he wasn’t the best bodybuilder onstage that night. Most people, myself included, thought Danny Padilla was the clear winner, but he ended up getting fifth.

EOB: Wow, it makes sense for Robin to pick such a Olympia. Obviously the 1981 Olympia is mentioned as it was not run by Robin himself. Robin fails to discuss the number of Olympia’s with controversial decisions when other athletes should have won, or the massive gyno and bloated physiques on a number of competitors when they were under his watchful eye. Till today a number of legends of the sport criticize the look that is being presented on the Olympia stage. What about prize money? The difference in funds between the 212 winner and the Open class winner is a joke.

What’s going on with the Amateur Olympia? 

Robin Chang: For many years, due to politics and corruption within the IFBB Amateur division, we were limited in where and how many Amateur Olympias we could hold each year. But since last year’s split between the IFBB Amateur and the IFBB Professional League, we’ve doubled the number of Amateur Olympias around the world, including Korea, Kuwait, Spain, and China, to name a few countries. Ultimately this expansion is great for the athletes and the fans.

EOB: Claiming the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness) is full of ‘corruption and politics’ is a joke. A real federation has rules not like the IFBB Pro League. In what would of been a good interview by Robin Chang he had to insert the words ‘politics and corruption’, and they expect not to get a reply on this!! Well, they are mistaken. Yes, it is true they doubled the number of Amateur Olympia’s, but we would like to ask Robin Chang what was the turnout of spectators? Was it a success financially? Are the new IFBB Pro’s travelling to the USA to compete now? Is the IFBB  Pro League paying for the winners to travel to the USA to compete?
The IFBB Pro League is still looked at the most popular federation but it must be remembered that the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness) was feeding this federation with athletes and promoting them up to September 2017, but this has changed.

Meanwhile the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness) continues to grow and the new established IFBB Elite Pro League has been very successful in less than a year, with prize money increasing at each show. The peak will be the IFBB Elite Pro World Championships in November.
Here are some facts about the IFBB Amateur League, or we can say the ‘Real’ and ‘Original’ IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness) compared to the IFBB Pro League:

  • The IFBB have number of congress’ during the year with the 197 Affiliated countries to discuss amendments to certain rules and discuss new ways to make the sport better. A proper meeting with all federations voting in a democratic matter.
  • The IFBB is recognized by the International sports community and the Olympic Committee’s all over the world.
  • Not to many people know this, but the IFBB Pro League is really a ‘Non-Profit Organization’ registered in Canada. Maybe Robin Chang can elaborate on this. Who are the members? Where is the money going?**
  • When was the last time a general meeting or congress to vote on certain matters with all their ‘delegates’ organized by the IFBB Pro League/NPC? or is this a one man show? Can the results be made public?
  • Jim Manion is on the WADA list of ‘Prohibited Associations’ – Click HERE to read more.
  • Jim Manion was suspended two days before he resigned from the IFBB. Click HERE to read more.
  • Ben Weider picked Dr. Rafael Santonja to run the IFBB, that is something nobody can deny. Watch the video HERE.
  • While many that run the IFBB Pro League are on record saying the IFBB trying to make bodybuilding a Olympic sport is a joke, they are in fact going against the dream of one of their founders, Ben Weider. Click HERE to read more.

We can go on forever on this subject, but before one criticises another federation that is run with proper rules, they must look at their own problems.

It seems every time IFBB Pro League delegates/organizers are interviewed they make comments to bring down other federations, expecting no answer from anybody. respects all athletes from all federations. You can read through the website and see that we cover as many events as possible, giving promotion to all athletes. But we have a right as a news site to criticise any federation if they are not running things right, regardless of the backlash.

** have the official documents that prove the IFBB Pro League is a Non-Profit Organization in hand.