Roelly Winklaar looking freaky

WATCH: Roelly Winklaar looking freaky in latest published video.

Roelly Winklaar is back at Oxygen Gym preparing for the 2019 Mr. Olympia.

Winklaar is known for his freaky size and looks to present the same package at the Mr. Olympia this year.

Roelly is one of the most improved athletes in recent years. He is always improving on his results and the climax of this was third place result at the 2018 Mr Olympia.

With all the controversy surrounding Shawn Rhoden in relation to his condition during guest posing appearances, Roelly and other names such as Brandon Curry have become favorites to win the title this year.

In a recent video published by coach Ahmad Askar on Instagram, Roelly Winklaar is looking incredibly huge.

Winklaar looks to be on track regarding his prep for the Olympia and will be keeping all our readers up-to-date with his progress.

This video will surely make the other competitors including Shawn Rhoden nervous as Roelly looks like he means business.