2018 EVLS Prague Pro

RESULTS: Roelly Winklaar wins the 2018 EVLS Prague Pro with a broken leg.

The 2018 Olympia ‘People’s Champion’ Roelly Winklaar made the trip to Prague and managed to defeat some great competitors to take the top prize.

Roelly’s third place at the Olympia already guaranteed his place for the 2019 Mr. Olympia, but the $40,000 prize at the 2018 EVLS Prague Pro most surely was the cherry on the cake.

Roelly showed that he is a true champion during this contest as he continued competing after he slipped on the stairs after prejudging and injured his leg.

It was evident that Roelly was in pain as he struggled to walk, but he managed to continue and win the show.

It is most likely that Roelly will have to skip the 2019 Arnold Classic unless he makes a miraculous recovery and can train at 100%.

Second place went to UK’s Nathan DeAsha while third went to Lucas Osladil.

Photo by Repone.de