2018 IFBB World Cup

Romania will host the 2018 IFBB World Cup.

Joined by other executive officials, the president of the Romanian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (FRCF), Mr Gabriel Toncea visited the IFBB Headquarters, in Las Rozas (Madrid). The Romanian delegation had a very fruitful meeting.  Discussed were the different programs and international activities to take place in Romania, with IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja.

This year, Romania will host top international events, such as the 2018 IFBB World Cup, a World Ranking & Elite Pro Qualifying event that will take place next November 23rd 25th, in Cluj-Napoca (Transilvania).

Gabriel Toncean is as well, the President of the Balkan Bodybuilding Federation and a key IFBB official leader working in very close relation with President Santonja and IFBB.  He received the IFBB Distinguished Services Award last year (2017) during the World Junior & Master Championships celebrated in Romania.

Picture: FRCF president, Gabriel Toncean, with Dr. Rafael Santonja; Wednesday 28th, at the IFBB Headquarters.

2018 IFBB World Cup