ronnie coleman operation 2Finally it’s home sweet home after being couped up in that tiny hospital bedroom eating sorry ass hospital food. The only bad part about being home is I’ll be under house arrest for the next 2 weeks which is when I will return to the hospital for hip replacement #2.

I want to honestly and truly from the bottom of my heart thank all of those who prayed for me during these difficult times. One other thing I learned my Dr told me my hip replacement were due from bad genetics in my family from bad arthritis and not my heavy style of training.

Sorry if I mislead anyone earlier but he is just now telling me this. My brother and my uncle both have bad hips that are going to be need replacing soon. My uncle more than my brother because he is much older. But I can’t help but feel my heavy lifting contributed in some way. Really doesn’t matter to me because regardless I’m always gonna lift heavy weight baby anyway, it’s just a part of my DNA.”

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