ronnie coleman July 18 2015Ronnie Coleman has been released from hospital after having his third back operation.

The 8X Mr. Olympia has been going through a number of operations since his retirement.

All these operations have not stopped the former Mr. Olympia as he is still training as hard as he always did.

According to the messages that Coleman posted, even though he had some major work done to his back, he will soon be back in the gym.

This is what he had to say:

“The surgery and rehab are finally done after 4 long days in the hospital and we’re finally goiyho”

Referring to his back, these are his comments:

“These are 2 screws my Dr inserted into my lower back to ease the pain and numbness I was experiencing. They are in my lower back L3-4. Wan so much looking the day can get back to the gym and lift some lightweight baby. As I always say, once I get back it’s gonna be on like a fire zone. #yeahbuddy,lightweight baby,#Aintnothingbutapeanut “


ronnie coleman back july 19 2015