10171250_753029868072425_6284441049843366883_nPrayers really do work and God is good all the time. I’d like to sincerely Thank those all over the world who prayed for Baby Laila. She immediately got better once I. Sent out those prayer requests 2 days ago. Her Bane oxygen mask was removed as she no longer needed it, she was just put on mild oxygen just as precaution.
I’m so very fortunate to be loved and respected by so many people all over the world that I sometimes am overwhelmed and shocked that so many people care to pray for my sweet lil Laila. Now we just have to continue to hope and pray that she comes home soon which I am sure of because she’s a Coleman and she’s a fighter. Plus she’s fortunate to have so many people out there praying for her.
Once again thanks for all the prayers and the love from all you guys out there – Ronnie Coleman