Vitaliy Ugolnikov dominate bodybuilding

Russian sensation Vitaliy Ugolnikov aims to dominate bodybuilding world.

Vitaliy Ugolnikov is already making heads turn in the bodybuilding world at the young age of 23.

With already over 150,000 followers on Instagram, the Russian freak has already gained a lot of popularity.

As well Vitaliy is receiving very encouraging messages from champions such as Brandon Curry, Roelly Winklaar, Dennis Wolf and many more.

Vitaliy has just won the 2020 IFBB St. Petersburg championships this weekend that took place on 10 October, 2020.

The next competition for Vitaliy will be against the best amateurs in the world at the prestigious 74th IFBB Amateur World Championships that are taking place in Santa Susanna, Spain 5-8 November, 2020.

Athletes from all over Europe and neighboring countries have a dream to win the IFBB World Amateur Championships before aiming for their pro status.

In Russia, the IFBB have a very strong following with the best amateur athletes in the world coming out of the IFBB Russian Federation.

The Russian team of athletes are known to be one of the best teams in the world at IFBB international competitions.

Another competition that Vitaliy is planning to participate in after the World Amateur Championsips is the 2020 Arnold Classic Amateur Europe that is taking place is Seville, Spain this December.

It is evident that Vitaliy is going to win his Pro status in the very near future.

If he was competing prior to 2017, he would automatically aim to earn an IFBB Pro card. After the split between the NPC and IFBB in 2017, Vitaliy has two options.

He can either continue within the IFBB and earn his pro status as an IFBB Elite Pro and try to qualify for the IFBB Elite Pro World Championships to compete against the best Elite pro athletes in the world.

The other option is he must leave the IFBB Amateur Federation or if he was to turn pro, give up his Elite Pro status and compete within NPC Worldwide to try to earn his IFBB Pro card.

With all these great options available for Vitaliy, his main focus is on the present situation and that is to win the IFBB World Amateur Championship and the Arnold Classic Amateur Europe this December.