samson dauda out tampa pro

Samson Dauda out of Tampa Pro – Denied permission to travel.

The Covid-19 crisis continues to make things difficult for the promoters and athletes of the 2020 Tampa Pro show.

Just a few days before the competitors take to the stage to fight for their chance to qualify for the 2020 Olympia Weekend, some athletes are already finding it difficult to travel to the USA to compete.

Pro bodybuilder Samson Duda will be missing the show this weekend because he was not given permission to step on the plane and travel to the USA.

Even with his visa and other related documents in hand, apparently competing in a professional bodybuilding event is not classified as ‘essential travel’.

While the majority of borders and airports are opened again after the Covid-19 lock-down, a number of countries are still making it difficult for residents to travel.

In his latest post on his official Instagram page, Samson said, “Unfortunately this happened today, even with all the right paperwork, Visa and help from the Pro League and @1_bropro to vouch for us. This is the world today as we can see it….yes it truly sucks but at least we tired and did everything in our power to make it happen, this is far from the end we pick ourselves up and move on to the next one.”

Samson does not look like he is giving up as he is already looking forward to the next show.

The next bodybuilding show would be in Korea, 22-23 August, 2020.