Sandow for saleThe Sandow trophy is a rare trophy that every bodybuilder dreams of winning.

Yesterday a ‘Sandow’ Trophy was sold on eBay for approximately $10,000.

Looking into the seller’s profile, every item he or she sells is worth thousands.

Now, for the past 50 years only 13 men had the privilege to win this trophy. Some have won only one, some three and some eight.

For a trophy being so rare and so hard to win, should we believe one of these 13 bodybuilders or their families put it up for sale on ebay because they are going through some tough times?

We at see this very unlikely. And if we are wrong, it is only fair for this person or family to come forward and end all this speculation.

If this is really true, somebody just lost something that represents years and years of training, sacrifice and suffering to win this trophy.

If we take a look at the modern day winners like Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson and Ronnie Coleman, these guys are all doing well and it is very unlikely they would put theirs up for sale. As well they worked their buts off to win them. After all those second place finishes, it is unimaginable that Jay Cutler would sell his!!

What would Ronnie Coleman’s collection of eight look like with one trophy missing??

The focus is falling on the older winners such as Frank Zane, Chris Dickerson and Samir Bannout. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lee Haney are eliminated from this as well.

Sergio Olivia and Larry Scott were not given a Sandow so they are totally out of the picture, unless they were given a trophy afterwards.

Hile we mentioned Frank, Samir and Chris. The only person that could possibly sell one of his trophies would be Lee Haney… but not on Ebay, he would sell it to help some kind of Charity… as that is the type of person Lee Haney is. But for $10,000 dollars, this is a price we are sure Lee Haney would not let it go for!

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