olympia-amateur-asia-bodybuilding-overall_2-1024x682By ifbb.com

In a close decission (9 to 12 points), the huge Taysir Ali Al Khalfan (110,7 kg) from Saudi Arabia, won the overall Bodybuilding category, after defeating amazingly proportioned Mohamed Salem Alzhami (80 kg), from U.A.E., among others five Bodybuilding champions, in 2015 Olympia Amateur Asia celebrated, last Wednesday, november the 25th.

Al Khalfan won previously the Super Heavy Weight category (over 100 kg) with perfect scores from judges (5 points), followed by korean Seung Chui Lee (10 points, silver medal).

Interwiewed by IFBB TV, after getting the victory and joined by his coach, Al Khalfan declared his goal to compete in Pro League and his dream about, one day, being an Mr. Olympia contender, in Las Vegas.