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WATCH: “How I found out my wife was cheating on me” – Sergio Oliva Jr.

Drama in the bodybuilding world never ends, on and off the stage.

Sergio Oliva Jr revealed on a recent interview with Muscular Development that his wife was cheating on him while she was in Australia.

After this news, Sergio Oliva Jr took a year off bodybuilding. In the video, Sergio actually looks much smaller.

Sergio plans to take a year off and start from scratch with no distractions.

Sergio found out about his wife’s affair when he received a call from a woman he did not know.

Apparently the women who broke the news to Sergio, who is seven months pregnant, is the partner of the man that Sergio’s wife is having the affair with.

This situation hit Sergio so hard that it has kept him out of the gym and totally off his diet.

Sergio hopes to find the fire that got him started in bodybuilding and get his career back on track.

We hope to see Sergio Oliva Jr, back on stage soon!!